Warhammer 40k game: Orks vs Chaos Space Marines 75 power level

Report: Jakub Polkowski; Story: Jakub Polkowski

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Majority of the terrains are made by Morti 5.

Those cool special effects on story photos are made by Thorash from the FallenSUN.

DISCLAIMER! Both armies were created using Indexes.


Kharn loosened grip on Gorechild. Where am I? Surrounding city was in ruin. The desert was taking back the land. Last thing that he remembered before Butcher Nails took control over him was when their ship was attacked. Who was the attacker? He looked around. Behind him three units of Berzerkers were standing motionless. The only sound he could hear was idle murmur of Rhino and Land Rider engines and interrupted breathing on comlink. Kharn tried to concentrate. Why we are here? He couldn’t recall. Suddenly the Nails bit. His vision went red. He felt the danger before he could see it. Green tide of bodies was approaching led by the biggest ork Kharn had ever seen. He tighten his grip on ancient chainaxe and started Gorechild engine. Mika teeth sang.

Enemy approaching Enemy approaching Eve of battle


Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka army

Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka army

Hello again!
This is my first battle report for 8th edition of WH40K and my 3rd game with new rules.
New edition makes horde armies much better and orks benefit from many rule changes. This suits my game style quite a lot. Foot slogging mass of ork bodies is the way to go for me.
We decided to build armies using power levels(75) instead of old and reliable points. I wanted to field battalion detachment and I started by selecting HQ - Ghazghkull and a Weirdboy is a must for me. Da Boss is a close combat beast. Simply. His new aura makes mobs even better so this choice is obvious for me. Da Jump is one of the best spells in the game. Ability to teleport 30 ork strong unit behind enemy line and then being able to charge(with new ‘ere we go rule!) is fantastic.
Next I have added Nob with Waagh banner from elites - mainly for test purposes. I am not sure yet if he is worth his points.
Every free point that I had was spent on boyz. Three 30 ork strong units - all with nobz with power klaws and with variety of big shootas/rokkits and one 30 ork strong unit of shoota boyz with 3 big shootas led by nob with power klaw. This left me with points for 5 ork strong unit of Stormboyz led by Nob with power klaw.
128 bodies in total. Not bad for 75PL. I hope this would be enough to drown Khorne followers in blood.

Kharn the Betrayer army

My army was themed to represent Kharn leading World Eaters warband - fast and deadly in close combat. It was lead by the Betrayer himself. Next, I have chosen three 10 man strong units of Khorne Berzerkers. One of them was given an Icon of Wrath. For the transport I have selected 2 Rhinos and a Land Raider. I wanted to have possibility to attack from deep strike so I also included a unit of Warp Talons. Whit this I was ready for the greenskinz. units of

Pre battle


Maelstrom of War Mission 1 - Cleanse and Capture

Warlord traits:

Kharn the Betrayer (Chaos Space Marines): Tenacious Survivor
Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka (Orks): Legendary Fighter

Psychic powers:

Zugbagg: Smite, Da Jump


Kharn army won roll-off for side selection and deployed first

Orks were unable to seize the initiative.

Battle started during the day.

deployment-battlefield deployment-objectives deployment-1 deployment-2 deployment-3 deployment-4 deployment-5


Chaos Space Marines turn 1

Objectives: Secure Objective 1, Defend Objective 2, Defend Objective 1

Chaos forces driven by bloodlust leaped forward. Warp Talons stayed hidden.

Shooting was less than disappointing - only 6 orks from center mob were killed by combined shooting from all Chaos units.

Chaos Space Marines scored 0 victory points.

Orks turn 1

Objectives: Supermacy, Master the Warp, Assassinate

It is greentide time. All units moved forward. Stormboyz made full-thrust move, center and left mob advanced. Ghazghkull did the same. Unit at the back of battle line and shoota boyz mob made normal move.

In psychic phase the Wierdboy casted Da Jump on unit in the back. The roll was 5 and 6 and with at least 60 boyz in 10 inch radius it meant that perils of the warp and 3 mortal wound. The roll for amount of wound was re-rolled thanks to 1CP and Zugbagg suffered only 1 wound. Mob was covered with green mist and reappeared behind the Land Raider!

Shooting was surprisingly effective. Shoota boyz managed to knock one wound from Rhino. 2 rokits from the center mob hit and managed to penetrate thick armour and knocked 2 wounds from armour behemot. What is more, one rokit from the unit that teleported managed to hit Land Raider and caused another 3 wounds!

Stormboyz, all choppa mobs and Ghazghkull were in charge range.
One stormboy was killed from overwatch and 2 more were killed due to the full thrust but still - they charge was successful.
Charges from all choppa mobs were successful as well as Ghazghkull charge!!

Close combat started with left mob destroying Rhino. One of the Berzerkers died during emergency disembarkation. Land Rider is tougher that it looked - not only it survived massive amount of attacks (Ghazghkull in 6 inches and Waagh banner!) and remained on 3 wounds but also managed to kill one ork.
Stormboyz on the other hand were unable to inflict single wound on a Rhino.

Orks gained 5 victory points: Supermacy(3), Master the Warp(1), First Blood(1)

Score after turn 1 - Orks: 5 vs Chaos Space Marines: 0

Chaos Space Marines turn 2

Objectives: Secure Objective 1, Defend Objective 2, Defend Objective 3

Kharn jumped out of the Land Rider to the rooftop. Berserker squad disembarked from Rhino, unit from destroyed transport moved closer to the boyz and Ghazghkull. Warp Talons appeared 9 inches away from the boyz squad that teleported.

With no psychic phase and shooting phase Khorne worshippers charged. Only talons failed(even though command point was used for reroll).
First was the unit attacking the teleported mob. Greenskins were butchered and 12 of them were slayed. This left Kharn without anybody to attack. Next Ghazghkull used 2 command points to attack before 4 Berserkers that surrounded him but he managed to kill only one of blood hungry madmen. In return Berserkers killed 7 of boyz but they were unable to inflict even a single wound on Da Boss. Before second pile in happened 17 boyz and a power klaw wielding nob from teleported mob managed to kill 5 Berserkers. 2 Stormboyz managed to inflict 4 wounds on a Rhino. Center mob managed to inflict 2 more wound on a Land Rider. Only 1 more! Mob closest to Ghazghkull wiped out Berserkers before they could attack once more. The remaining Berserker killed 5 boyz in second pile-in. This unit managed to kill 17 boyz in one turn of close combat! Ghazghkull used 2 command points to auto pass morale phase for that squad.

Chaos Space Marines gained 0 victory points

Orks turn 2

Objectives: Advance, Secure Objective 4, Assassinate

Ghazghkull with supporting mob moved closer to Kharn. The epic duel is going to happen! Nob with Waagh banner also moved closer to fighting units.

The Weirdboy again channelled too much energy while he was casting smite but Mork was gentle this time and he suffered only 1 wound. The Land Rider was not so lucky. Green bolt of energy hit and the ancient vehicle was destroyed. All Berzerkers managed to survive disembarkation but that meant that they can be charged.

Shooting was not effective. Shoota boyz tried to kill Warp Talons but no damage was done.

Boyz charged Kharn who missed all shots in overwatch. Than Da Boss joined the fray. Center mob assaulted the Berserkers that escaped from the Land Raider.

Kharn was covered in blood. He wasn’t sure was it his or his enemies. It didn’t matter. All he needed now was to take the skull of this monstrous ork. This was the trophy Khorne wanted. His brothers were dying around him. His armor was cracked and pierced by orks crude weapons. It didn’t matter as long as the Nails held him. He saw the beast charging at him in the middle of another mob. Good. More skulls for the skull throne.

Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka army

Ghazghkull managed to inflict 3 wounds on Kharn who used remaining command points to swing before the boyz. In his frenzy he killed 4 orks but also 2 nearby Berserkers! After that boyz annihilated Kharn and remaining Berserkers.
Center mob attacking Berserkers from the Land Raider managed to cause 28 wounds from choppas and 2 wounds from power klaw. This was more than enough to wipe out the squad.
Remains of the teleported mob were able to kill last Berserker and they consolidated into Rhino.
The Stormboyz dropped one wound from the Rhino.

Orks gained 4 victory points: Slay the Warlord(1), Advance(1), Assassinate(1), Secure Objective 4(1)

Score after turn 1 - Orks: 9 vs Chaos Space Marines: 0

Chaos Space Marines turn 3

Objectives: Secure Objective 1, Defend Objective 2, Secure Objective 5

With only Warp Talons and damaged Rhino on the table it was clear that situation was grim for the Chaos worshippers.

Talons jumped closer to the mob attacking Rhino and charged. 9 boyz were killed. Power klaw wielding nob managed to kill 2 of warp infested marines before the whole unit was overrun. Rhino managed to kill one Stormboy and didn’t suffer any wounds in return.

Chaos Space Marines gained no victory points

Orks turn 3

Objectives: Secure Objective 5, Secure Objective 1, Mission Critical Objective

All units moved closer to the Talons.

Every ork that was in range shot at the Talons. Two of them failed their armour save rolls and the last one was charged by the Ghazghkull himself. Rhino was assaulted by shoota boyz and one choppa mob.
Rhino was torn into pieces. The fight against Warp Talon and Warboss was a quick one - Ghazghkull caught his opponent in mid-air and cut him in two with his massive power klaw.

Orks gained 2 victory points: Mission Critical Objective(2)

Score after turn 3 - Orks: 11 vs Chaos Space Marines: 0

He regained consciousness. His body was damaged. Bones in his legs and arms were broken in several places. One of his lungs was pierced. His primary heart was failing. His armor was in even worse state and he was missing his helmet. But he was alive. The pain he was suffering was unimaginable. He tried to get up. He failed. He lost consciousness again. When he opened his eyes he saw the beast watching him. Its red eyes were amused. He roared with anger. The Nail bit and he was on his feet. The ork was incredibly fast for such a monstrous creature. It's fist connected with Kharn jaw with a strength of the thunder. His body flow and hit remain of the wall behind.
-Dat was gut fightin' umie. Gork told me not to kill ya this time. ‘Ere, your punny toyz.
Ghazghkull tossed Gorechild and an ancient plasma pistol and walked away. Unable to do anything Kharn howled with hatred.

Post game

I believe that Khorne and Gork and Mork are quite happy with bloodshed that happened on the battlefield. After I was able to surround Land Raider on turn one I was almost sure that the game will be won by the greenskins. But when the huge tank held and Kharn and two units of Berserkers disembarked and charged. I wasn’t so sure about the outcome of the battle after that. I am very happy that the epic duel between Kharn and Ghazghkull took place but the result was not so good. I expected that if Da Boss would attack first then Kharn would not stand a chance. But guess what? Some bad to hit and to wound rolls with good rolls for save ment that Kharn was really very angry and ready for the kill. Lucky, da boyz finished the job… But it was close one. If this duel went in other way then the tip of the whole battle would switch to Chaos favor.
I am generally quite happy how my army worked. Boyz, Weirdboy and Ghazghkull are awesome. What I was missing was a little fire support - maybe if I changed shoota boyz for tankbustas or lootas the army would be a little more balanced.
Overall the 8th edition opening battle report is a history now and it is time to plan new orkffensive :)

Ork of the game: Weirdboy. He managed to teleport huge mob behind Land Raider which blocked it in close combat and with Smite he destroyed the machine and allow boyz to charge into Berserkers.

World Eater of the game: It is hard to point a single element of the army that stood out. My initial plan didn't work - so my main unit in Land Raider was trapped. If one of the boyz mob wouldn't reach it than the whole game would look much different. But the behemot stood whole 2 rounds of close combat surrounded by 2 huge mobs. Wow.