Warhammer 40k game: Orks vs Orks 2000pts

Report: Jakub Polkowski; Story: Jakub Polkowski

If you like alternate tankbusta miniatures visit Kromlech website and get them for your Waaagh!

Majority of the terrains are made by Morti 5.

Those cool special effects on story photos are made by Thorash from the FallenSUN.


Wounded Agrax was breathing heavily. He was walking through those wasteland for three days and nights. Most of the boyz that survived battle with the Zargard's Bloodspilla horde died already during this march. "If only our wagons were not destroyed..." Mek thought. Agrax knew that his time as a horde boss can end in any moment. Soon he would be challenged by one of the nobz and in his current state he had no chance to win a fight. He had to pretend.
— Muv fasta or I kill ya! He roared at the boyz and hit one of them with the whip. He was careful not to strike any of the nobz. Boyz growled with anger but obeyed. This time they did.
Another day passed. He was alive. He was still in charge. The landscape became familiar and he saw in distance black smoke from his mek shop’s chimneys. At last.
His return was not as glorious as he dreamed merely a week ago. Lesser mekz and boyz in the camp left their work stations in shops and were looking at them. Some of them were even laughing and pointing at him. Agrax tried to remember each one of them that forgot who was Da Boss in here. He will have his vengeance soon.
— Rokkor! Call all! We ‘ve launching new raid! He said to his second in command.
— When Boss? Asked huge power klaw wielding ork.
— Now! It’z time to BASH AND LOOT!!! - Agrax cried as loud as he could.
— Who we attack?
Agrax waited for this moment.
— Irongutta.
Suddenly the whole tribe fell silent and all eyes were fixed on Agrax. They knew that Irongutta was powerful and resourceful mek. And their ally for a long time.
Orks screamed in excitation and shot their weapons in the air.
— WAAAAAAAGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Agrax yelled.
WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGHHH!!!! his tribe answered.
"Yes, Irongutta has many toys that will help me wage war against Zargard" - Agrax thought and walk toward his remaining wagons.

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Irongutta was working hard. He was always working. Even when he was sleeping his mind was receiving visions and ideas for new machines and "kustom" parts. For sure he was Mork’s chosen one. Right now he was modding his beloved warbike. He loved speed. And dakka. That was the reason why he hadn’t clad himself into mega armour. But he craved the protection that thick metal plates provided. Solution was presented to him last night. Now he was only making it real.
The mekshop was filled with smoke and acetylene vapours. His torch was at the edge of melting from overheating when Irongutta cut off the flame. He has finished. His warbike was fitted with force field generator looted from one of his rivals’ great walkers. Now he only needed to test it. Sure, the bike balance was not perfect but with some new springs for the front suspension it should be fine. Maybe it would be better to rebuild the back axis and add second wheel for stability. This would allow to add even more dakka to it and one thing was clear to every ork - there is never enough dakka. New plans were flowing through his mind when suddenly the door slammed open and one of grots ran inside.
— Boss! Agrax iz comin’!
— So? What does this squig-shit wants?
— Not know. Whole tribe iz with ‘im!
Irongutta fell silent for a moment.
— Gather all! Fire up all the machines!!! We meet Agrax in midway!
— Yes Boss!!! - the grot ran from mekshop yelling for everyone to get a move on.
Irongutta looked at his warbike. "Let’s test it!".

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Irongutta Iron Kompany

Irongutta Iron Kompany

Hello again!
In this battle report we will meet an old "friend" - Big Mek Agrax and his horde will try to conquer my Big Mek territory and gain access to all those fancy toys that Irongutta and his crazy minions constructed.
The dreadmob formation was one of many reasons why I wanted to have an ork army. I love dreadnoughts in all forms - those bigger and smaller. They all have a special place in my heart and when I FINALLY bought and painted a gorkanaut I was ready to field it. There won’t be any better opportunity to unleash orks crazy machines than against other greenskin army.
I selected to use Spearhead Detachment to be able to field as many heavy slots as I needed. So there will be only 4 command points to me.
For my HQ I selected pair of Big Meks - both with kustom force fields. Irongutta was given a bike and a big choppa, Gazbug Rustwrench got choppa and grot oiler. They will be responsible for adding a little protection to vehicles(especially to gorkanaut) and doing repair as the battle will follow.
Next I moved to the core of the army - heavy support.
Obvious choices - gorkanaut and deffdread with 4 klaws. Then it was more difficult - should I field 3 units of 4 or 4 units of 3 killa kans. I opted for second option mainly because we will determine randomly what scenario we are going to play and I wanted to have army with more table control options. I would prefer to use only rokkits/skorchas combination for them but I don’t have enough models with such weaponry - so I have to mix those models that I have and pray to Mork and Gork for it to work.
With heavy support done I moved to Elites. Nob with Waaagh banner is a must in any ork army. Kans around him hit on a 4+ and this is HUGE difference. My last option from this slot was unit of nobz with kombi skorchas and power klaws. It is expensive. Is unreliable. It dies easily. To sum up - I cannot see a reason why not to use them :) At the start of the battle I will hide them in gorkanaut. I believe that on turn 2 they will cause carnage and destruction. Or they will die without single enemy killed… Well this is how the orks work.
There was one more model that I was eager to try. Dakkajet. With 6 big shootas hitting on 4+ it will provide me with so much missing dakka in army list. Besides - the model is awesome and it fits to the army theme.
I had 34 points left, so options were limited. Grots. The ultimate terminator killers will be the last element of my army list.
I will not write anything about tactics - as it depends on scenario and mission priorities. I think I will stick to the basic - kill all enemies and not allow to kill my army.


Iron Kompany in details Iron Kompany in details Iron Kompany in details Iron Kompany in details Iron Kompany in details

Agrax's Earthquake army

Agrax's Earthquake army

Hi again,
It was quite a lot of time since the last battle with Kuba. I didn't waste that time and finally all my boyz were finished. 90 ork boyz, 30 with shootas and 60 with choppas and sluggas, together with my converted nob with Waaagh banner. Every model painted by myself. Ready to kill in my name and in the name of Gork (or possibly Mork).
The choice of my army was mostly limited to my painted models that I have. I decided to organise the army into Battalion Detachment, so I got 6 command points. In HQ section I decided to give a SAG another 'last try' - so once again Agrax Earthquake took command over my horde. Another choice was debuting warboss Rokkor Facecutta armed with a power klaw and shoota. Ugruk the Weirdboy, the old buddy of Agrax will also take part in this battle.
The last but not least was Nob with Waaagh banner coming from the Elites section, but definitely worth mentioning here.

Since I painted so many orks I wanted to field all of them. I chosen to bring two units of 30 orks with choppas and sluggas and one unit 20 ork strong with shootas and 2 big shootas. Each unit was of course led by a nob with a power klaw and shoota. I never fight without at least 10 gretchins. These little fellas are dirt cheap and usually do their work good. And that's it for the Troops section. This time I really wanted to give a try to battlewagons. Unfortunately I don't own even one, so again thanks to Kuba's kindness I got the opportunity to field 2 of them. First with 4 big shootas, second with a kill kannon and 4 rokkit launchas, both with deffrollas. The first carried 20 shoota orks, second was a dedicated transport for 10 tankbustas. Last unit from this section was 5 ork strong lootas mob. From the Fast Attack section I decided to take 2 deffkoptas armed with twin linked rokkit launchas and 10 stormboyz with a nob with a power klaw.
That's my army. I won't write anything about tactics. Kuba is good and experienced player and will always take it to his advantage :) Beside, when I did it last time I lost badly ;)

Agrax Horde in details Agrax Horde in details Agrax Horde in details Agrax Horde in details Agrax Horde in details Agrax Horde in details Agrax Horde in details

Pre battle

Mission: Eternal War - No mercy

Warlord traits:

Irongutta (Orks): Tenacious Survivor
Agrax's Earthquake (Orks): Tenacious Survivor

Psychic powers:

Ugruk: Smite, Da Jump


We rolled for deployment map - and Spearhead assault was selected.

Irongutta won roll-off for side selection and deployed first unit.

We used rule that the side that ends deployment first gets +1 to roll for first turn. Agrax army won this one and Irongutta was unable to seize the initiative.

deployment-1 deployment-2 deployment-3 deployment-4 deployment-5 deployment-6 deployment-7 deployment-8 deployment-9 deployment-10 deployment-11 deployment-12 deployment-13 deployment-14 deployment-15 deployment-16 deployment-17 deployment-18 deployment-19


Agrax turn 1

Game started with an advance move from deffkopta on the left flank. The second flyier moved closer to the grotzooka armed kans. The stormboyz jumped on the roof of the building in the center of the battlefield. Boyz mobs moved slightly forward. Battlewagons moved toward closest kan units.

As Ugruk was out of smite range and there was no need to teleport any unit, so the psychic phase ended.

Shooting phase started with advancing deffkopta aiming at gorkanaut - both rokkits missed this huge walker. Next 4 big shootas from battlewagon shot at kans standing next to the deffdread. They were able to inflict 3 wounds. One more wound was added by big shootas from unit inside the transport. Lootas wanted to finish off the damaged kan but failed to penetrate armour protecting it's grot pilot. Second deffkopta also tried to kill this small walker but failed to hit.

Agrax lowered his shokk attack gun. Closing gorkanaut filled whole targeting viewfinder. He couldn't miss. He pulled the trigger and his weapon kicked hard. Only one beam flew out of the barrel. Definetely not in the intended direction.

Score: Agrax 0 : 0 Irongutta

Irongutta turn 1

Iron Kompany moves were much more agresive. Skorcha kans advanced additional 2 inches. Grotzooka kans moved 2 inches to be just in range to the stormboyz. Gorknaut and Gazbug Rustwrench moved behind grotzooka kans. Deffdread advanced whole one bonus inch and kans follwed him. Irongutta hid behind the building between the kans and the deffdread. With a supersonic boom dakkajet flew over the Iron Kompany and headed straight at lootas.

Plane pilot hold the trigger for a couple long seconds. He missed 12 out of 18 4+ shoots and only 2 wounds vere inflicted. Both of them saved on a 6+...
Next were grotzooka kans aiming at the stormboyz. Even though 12 shots were fired only 3 of them were wounded. And all of them were saved... Rokkit kans tried to hit deffkopta in the center but failed to hit with all 3 shots. That was not going well for Irongutta forces...
Then it was a gorkanaut turn to shoot. One of the rokkits hit closest deffkopta and 3 damage was inflicted. Next the deffstorm mega-shoota killed 2 stormboyz and twin-linked big shoota anihilated 2 lootas. Both - lootas and stromboyz passed their morale checks.
This was very inefective turn for Irongutta kompany.

Score: Agrax 0 : 0 Irongutta

Agrax turn 2

Battlewagon with tankbustas moved to be just in range of killa kans close to the deffdread. The second vehicle moved slightly to be closer to center kan unit. Deffkopta in the middle jumped up on the top floor. Stormboyz jumped from the building and prepared to charge. Damaged deffkopta on the left flank flied into cover given by the nearby ruins.

Shooting phase begun with big ka-boom from battlewagon' killkanon targeting kans closest to Irongutta. It shot twice, hit once but the shell bounced off harmlessly from the kan plating. Tankbustas manning the vehicle shot next. Their aim was amazing - one kan was destroyed and the second one was left with 1 wound left. It was finished by the rokkits fired by the battlewagon's crew.
Everything from second battlewagon shot at the center kan unit and managed to cause only 1 wound. Deffkopta' pilot launched his rokkits. One missile hit the weak spot and front kan was left with 1 wound only. Stormboyz tried to knock it down with their slugga fire but failed to wound. Remaining lootas hit the kan 3 times but it's armour saved poor grot inside.
Agrax again tried to shot the gorkanaut. Again - only one beam flew out of the barrel and missed completly.

Stormboyz charged grotzooka kans. One of them died from overwatch. They had plenty of attacks and 4 wounds were inflicted. Then the nob used his power klaw and finished another one machine. A single kan remained. It attacked back and managed to kill a single stormboy.

During morale phase the kan that was near Irongutta failed it's morale check and command point was used to reroll the result. This time it was fine.

Score: Agrax 0 : 0 Irongutta

Irongutta turn 2

Ouch! The shooting from Agrax army started to hurt! It was time to close the gap between two forces. The deffdread moved 10 inches toward battlewagon with tankbustas. Irongutta was just behind. On the other side of the battlefield the skorcha kans also moved 10 inches. Remaining grotzooka kan moved out of combat. Single skorcha kan and rokkit kan unit moved closer to the stormboyz. Also gorkanaut moved to the center of the battlefield with Gazbug Rustwrench just behind him. Dakkajet continued it's raid.

Single skorcha kan unleashed it's rage - 1 hit from flamer... Command point was used and hurray! 5 hits and only nob was left alive. Gorkanaut open fire. It used skorcha, twin linked big shootas and missiles againts closest deffkopta - it was hit once but machine jinked at the last moment and was saved. Rokkit kans tried to knock down the second deffkopta but they fail to hit even once! Deffstorm mega-shoota tried to wreck second deffkopta but failed to hit... Then it was dakkajet turn. It shoot 9 times at wounded deffkopta. Two wounds were inflicted but guess what had happened? The save rolls were 6 and 6... Those damm machines just don't die! Second volley was aimed at lootas and they suffered 2 wounds which they failed to save. 1st blood for Irongutta!

With metalic clatter kans charged the lonely stormboy nob. Both charges reached the target. First rokkit kans attacked. 12 attacks and 1 hit... 1 to wound and second command point spend for a reroll. This time it struck home and nob was sliced in two.

Score: Agrax 0 : 3 Irongutta

Agrax turn 3

Both mobs and characters moved slightly forward - just for the Weirdboy to be in Smite range. Battlewagon with shoota boyz moved closer to rokkit kans and tankbustas closed on the deffdread. Deffkoptas jumped on the top of buildings.

Weirdboy channeled green energy with terrible force and rokkit kans were struck. The blast was so powerful that front kan was left with only 1 wound.

Shoota boyz were next. Their aim was excelent - with 15 hits they managed to cause 8 wounds which 2 of them were unsaved! It was enough to destroy one kan and damage the second one. Combined firepower from big shootas and deffkoptas destroyed the second machine. One of the shots must have had hit the fuel tank because the machine exploded and damaged the last kan leaving it with only single wound left.
Battlewagon's killkannon lowered. Deffdread was just in the in the middle of targeting viewfinder. The shooter jerked the trigger and a single shell left the barrel. It hit the walker in the center of the torso but the shell didn't exploded. The deffdread was closing fast. The tankbustas jumped on the wagon roof and shot. They aim was true. 9 out of 10 rokkits hit the deffdread. It was anihilated by the following explosions.
Agrax was blinded by this event and once more wasn't able to hit gorkanaut with a single energy blast.

In morale phase last rokkit kan fled from the battle.

Score: Agrax 2 : 3 Irongutta

Irongutta turn 3

The situation looked grim for Irongutta. With devastation of deffdread this flank was lost and there was nothing that could threat those killy tankbustas! Remaining grotzooka and skorcha kana backed away. Last full unit of skorcha kans and gorkanaut moved closer to boyz mob with warboss and waaagh banner.
In the meantime dakkajet made sharp turn to the center of the battlefield.

Dakkajet concentrated it's whole firepower at undamaged deffkopta. After the smoke cleared away jet pilot saw pieces of the small machine in flames torn on the rooftop.
Gorkanaut tried to kill last deffkopta with twin-linked big shoota and rokkits but failed. Deffstorm mega-shoota killed only 2 boyz.

Score: Agrax 2 : 4 Irongutta

Agrax turn 4

Surprisingly boyz mobs stood firm. Shoota battlewagon moved closer to the center of the battlefield. Tankbustas moved to intercept fleeing skorcha kan.
Wierdboy concentrated on flying dakkajet. He unleashed green energy direct at the plane. It's pilot reflex saved the machine from the worst as it lost only 1 point of damage.

Shooting started with Agrax shooting at the gorkanaut. This time his shokk attack gun worked much better - 4 beams covered the distance in no-time and missed the behemot completly...
Shoota boyz inside battlewagon opened fire at the dakkajet and managed to penetrate it chasis twice. Battlewagon big shootas also hunted the airborne ork and even though they managed to hit 4 times, the dakkajet armour plates held.
Last deffkopta shot at skorcha kan. One of projectiles hit but it was a misfire. Killkanon on a battlewagon shot 4 shell salvo but it's gunner misguessed the distance.
Tankbustas on the otherside had no problems in hiting poor kan. It changed into huge fireball but nothing else was hurt due to the explosion.

Score: Agrax 4 : 4 Irongutta

Irongutta turn 4

The left flank evaporated.
Skorcha kans moved in the only viable direction - forward. Last grotzooka kan run away as fast as it could It almost reached the grots. Irongutta rushed to repair his creation but was not close enough to reach it.
Gorknaut took the position in the center that gave him opportunity to charge most of the units next turn. This was a gamble, because boyz were in charge range if they would advance and charge at least 14 inches. But there was no other choice - there were not many units left.
Dakkajet made 90 degrees turn and flew away from mobs.

Gorkanaut fired it's twin-linked big shoota at hated deffkopta and missed with every shot. Then missiles were released and deffkopta was caught in mid-air by one of them. Finally it was destroyed. Deffstorm mega-shoota shot at boyz nearby warboss but only 2 were killed...
Dakkajet opened fire at mob near Weirdboy and shot 5 of the boyz.

Score: Agrax 4 : 5 Irongutta

Agrax turn 5

Warboss Rokkor Facecutta rised his power klaw and yelled Waaagh!! Nearby boyz and a nob with Waaagh banner joined this call and charged toward huge walker.
Both battlewagons closed on this threat.

Ugruk the Weirdboy frooze. His whole body started to shimmer with green radiance. Suddenly there was a thunder and unit of boyz around him disappeared. After few seconds another thunder could be heard and whole mob materialised near grotzooka kan, grots and Irongutta.

Agrax for the fifth time shot at the gorkanaut. 4 beams of S8 flew at the behemot and by a miracle one of them hit! ...and failed to wound. For sure Agrax's gun must had been damaged during last battle!
But tankbustas were on fire that day. They hit 8 out 10 shoots and wounded the gorkanaut 3 times. One rokkit bounced off the armourded plates but two hit home and 6 damage points were taken. Killkanon and rokkits from the battlewagon faied to hit.
Next shoota boyz and all big shootas opened fire and knocked another 3 points of damage. Slugga fire was not enough to hurt the machine. Gorkanaut was heaily damaged but still operational.
Teleported mob opened fire to suprised grotzooka kan but even though their aim was very accurate the machine was undamaged.

Waaaaaagh!!!!! belowed nob from the teleported mob. Grotzooka kan tried to react but missed terribly. Mob easily reached the killa kan(6 and a 4 for charge range). Power klaw wielding nob attacked first and failed to hit with every one of his blows!!! There was a little spark of hope for the killa kan but it was brutally quenched by the boyz who ripped the kan into pieces.

The most important charges were declared. Boyz, Rokkor and nob with Waaagh banner charged the gorkanaut. The all needed to roll 9 or more to reach it and every unit managed to join the fight!!!
Rokkor Facecutta crushed one of the machine legs and left it with 3 wounds left. Then boyz nob attacked - he mercilessly finished off the immobile machine and caused another 8(!!!) wounds. Gorkanaut fall apart. From the scap that just few minutes before were towering war avatar emerged 4 nobz(1 was killed) and a nob with a Waaagh banner.

Score: Agrax 6 : 5 Irongutta

Irongutta turn 5

A disaster had happend! Without gorkanaut chances to win this games were reduced to nearly 0. Irongutta's only hope was the battle would end just after this turn. So everything was dedicated to kill as many units during this turn, grab the linebreaker and hid all the characters.

Deep in Irongutta deployment zone grots readied themself to sell their life in order that Big Mek would live another day. Warlord pushed hard on the throttle and run away from the mob. Grots closed to the mob of boyz and lowered their pistols and opend fire. After the smoke cleared 3 boyz were dead.

Skorcha kan moved around ruins to surround choppa boyz. Nobz moved closed to the center of battlefield just to have more charge options avaible to them. Dakkajet made another 90 degrees turn and flew out of the reach of shoota boyz. Gazbug Rustwrench hid himself in the nearby ruins.

Choppa boyz were engulfed in a firestorm. Killa kans fried 5 of them and nobz skorchas killed another 8 orks. When the survivors thought that this carnage was over the dakkajet added even more firepower killing 5 more. The last boy was shot by Waaagh banner wielding nob.
There was no choice - this unit as well as all the characters must be killed. Killa kans declared charge against Warboss and Waaagh banner. Nobz assaulted all three units. Killa kan struck first - only 1 attack hit and wounded the warboss but the Waaagh banner was killed. Rokkor seized the initiative and struk at nobz killing 2 of them. Then last two nobz attacked back and managed to kill the warboss in return. The last to attack were boyz and a nob from choppa mob. They killed one of the Irongutta nobz and the nob knocked down 2 wounds from one of the kans.

In morale phase Irongutta single nob run away and a nob with 2 last choppa boyz from Agrax horde used 2CP not to do the test.

Score: Agrax 7 : 7 Irongutta

Agrax turn 6

Choppa boyz moved away from the kans. Shoota boyz jumped out of the battlewagon in front of the machines. Battlewagon with tankbustas moved between the ruins to have a clear view on kan.

Ugruk the Weirdboy directed his arms at killa kans and violent beam of energy struck the closest machine. It left the kan with only 1 wound left.
The everything shot at the kans. Killkanon finished off the crippled kan and the tankbustas destroyed another one.
Agrax managed to actually do something in this game! With 6 S7 shots he took 1 wound from last kan. 3 more were inflicted by combined fire of shoota boyz and all big shootas. This left the kan on a last wound!

Every kill point mattered at that moment. Boyz had to charge the kan. In overwatch 2 were burnt but still - the charge was successful. Nob missed all his attacks but the sheer amount of attacks from the boyz was more then enough to destroy the last kan on the battlefield.

In the meantime on the other side of the table boyz charged and butchered grots. No story there.

Score: Agrax 9 : 7 Irongutta

Irongutta turn 6

Irongutta chances right now were limited to achive a draw at best. To do this nob and a 2 boyz from the choppa squad had to be eliminated and Waaagh banner nob had to reach the deployment line and the game had to end.
Irongutta drove back away from the boyz - just to be in range of a dakkagun - he shot and missed with all the bullets. Gazbug Rustwrench continued his retreat. Waaagh banner wielding nob managed to reach deployment line. The dakkajet opened fire and killed the choppa boyz and flew just above the standard bearer's head.
Again the dices were blessed for the Agrax! The game continued for the final turn.

Score: Agrax 9 : 8 Irongutta

Agrax turn 7

There was not much to do for the Agrax horde other than finish off the pathetic remnant of once glorious Iron Kompany.
Battlewagons closed to be able to shoot both - the banner nob and the dakkajet. Shoota boyz stood were they were. Choppa boyz after killing grots moved as far as they could. They ended 13 inches away from the Irongutta.

The last thing left was a charge againts Irongutta. Two sixes were needed and... two sixes were rolled. Irongutta stood no chances against sheer feriocity of this charge. The final blow was struck by the nob who pushed his power klaw through Irongutta chest and tore it aparat.

Score: Agrax 12 : 8 Irongutta

Irongutta turn 7

With Only one model on the table there was nothing more to do other than to shake hands.


Agrax 14 : 8 Irongutta

Irongutta laid near the wreck of his beloved machine. It was still running. With every piston cycle black oil was ejected from the broken engine. The same was happening to the Irongutta. With every heavy breath blood was flowing out of his body. He was dying.
Gazbug Rustwrench found him just before the suns hid behind the horizont.
— 'elp... - Irongutta tried to say but instead he started to cough with blood.
Gazbug silently walked closer, turned around and then smashed Irongutta's head with his infamous wrench.
— WHO IZ THE BUMPKIN NOW!!! - Gazbug laughted and walked straight towards the Zargard camp. He knew that the Bloodspilla will find him useful - only Gazbug knew how to join flesh with a machine and was able to build mega armour. Well, at least most of the orks survived that process...

Post game


Well, the outcome of this game is far from satisfying. I see major mistakes that I made.
First of all, my army lacked of fast units that would counter battlewagon with tankbustas. That single unit was almoust enough to win this game. I had one chance to destroy it - but the deffdread was killed in a single volley... My idea that two meks would make this army stand much longer was invalid - there wasn't even once chance to repair any vehicle - if they died then it happend in single phase. Also kustom force fields were a mistakes - their basic armour was always as good as that provided by KFF...
Beside this deployment map was not in my favor - it meant that 2/3 of my force had to spend 2 extra turns in order to reach the enemy. That was enough to kill my units one by one. This was great tactic and big applause for Bartek for applying it with super efficiency. Which brings me to another issue - dice rolls. Well... statistic is a BIGEST lie. Bartek was able to hit 9/10 shots from 5+ hitting tankbustas - I wasn't able to score 9/18 4+ hits... But as always - luck favors the better player. This game was a perfect example - Bartek simply played it better and his army was much more flexible then mine.
So the Agrax is victorious and Irongutta ate dirt. What will the future bring to our greenskin heros?

Ork of the game:
It is suprising for me - but dakkajet was simply fantastic. I have taken him mainly because I havn't tested him with 8th rules. It was killy, fast and hard to put down. Absolutely opposite to the rest of my army.

Agrax's Earthquake

First of all I'd like to thank and congratulate Kuba for really good fight. It wasn't easy win at all. I could even loose after the turn five but happily for me the game didn't end. I was really lucky before and after that moment and I must admit that my dice rolling was insane. As Kuba already wrote - the scenario was also in my favor, as it gave me that precious time to shoot at Irongutta's forces as they approached. The army composition worked very well for me and I wouldn't change much. The biggest disappointment was again Agrax again - who did absolutly nothing. So I think that he needs to sell his SAG to anyone stupid enough to buy it and then construct another device worth of using. Dakkajet for example :) The shiniest stuff in my army was a Battlewagon loaded with Tankbustas od course. From now on it's autoinclude in every roster of mine. It was deadly against the Iron Kompany but also needs some form of better protection. If only Kuba got the chance to destroy It early I would probably lost that battle.

Ork of the game:
As I already wrote - the winner can only be one. Tankbustas did a great job but their re-rolls works only against vehicles and that's the main reason why they performed so well.