Warhammer Fantasy Battle 6ed game: Ogres vs Wood Elves 1500pts

Report: Jakub Polkowski; Story: Jarek Westermark (Story & Epilog) and Jakub Polkowski
Art: Katarzyna Borek-Polkowska

This is the first Warhammer Fantasy Battle report that we have prepared. For sure it won’t be last one, because we simply love the 6th edition of this game. In Poland there are many gamers that are still playing it and meet on regular basis on tournaments.
This battle was fought with armies prepared for one of such events - Battle Party 5 which took place in Zduńska Wola and was run by the Fallensun crew - the same that makes those fantastic arts that are part of all of reports on this page.


There are two Elves in the grove: a spellsinger and a shape-shifter. They talk in hushed voices. Branches whisper high above. A decision must be made.

“The Summer Solstice will soon be upon us,” says the spellsinger, Alethir. His gleaming robes flow like the water, slide over the ground he barely even touches. “The Wildwood grows restless. Its power rises and could soon spill over, break all bonds. This must not happen.”

“What is required?” asks Karodras. He has the eyes of a wolf. “What can we do?”



“Willing and unwilling. Both.” Alethir speaks in riddles, as befits those, who study magic. Yet the shapeshifter understands him perfectly.

“I shall seek out the Intruder.”

The Elves leave without another sound. Only the whisper of the wind remains. The grove is empty.

Karodras changes shape, runs in the form of a mighty stag. Pushes himself hard. His thoughts circle around the Intruder that must be sacrificed so that the Forest remains strong.

The Intruder is a creature of the outside world, a giant, lumbering brute: an ogre. He wandered into the trees a few moons ago and was spared by the many scouts and sentinels of Loren: first as a cruel joke, then later out of curiosity. The trees themselves seemed to welcome the Intruder, where they should blind him, bind him and drain him in an instant. It was all rather unnerving.

When the ogre survived a week in Loren on his own, the spellweavers finally understood: he was important. His death was to have meaning. And now the meaning was finally made clear. The Wildwood – a strange, dangerous part of the forest, held at bay by the power of fay magic – needed to receive its pound of flesh. Its fill of blood. The Intruder was going to draw more of his kind to the forest, straight into the blades of the Elves.

With a final, powerful leap, Karodras arrives at his destination. An elven tree-city, where the Intruder is being held. And there he is – ugly and clumsy as ever. His grey, smelly skin covered with elaborate tattoos; golden hair made from dyed moss attached to his bald head.

From the very start the Intruder tried to fit in. In time he began to think of himself as one of the Elves, was ready to do anything to be treated like one. And the forest’s maidens were all too eager to toy with him. Feeding into his delusions. Making him believe he was welcome. Girls so cruel they may as well be Dryads.

Karodras looks at the ogre, who is desperately trying to pronounce Elvish words with a mouth accustomed only to belching and hollering.

“You!” shouts the shapeshifter. He has never used the ogre’s name. Yourand. A strange, primitive word, which gurgles deep in the throat. An Elf’s tongue would be lessened by uttering it.

“Yeah, Elf-Bruiser?”

Karodras frowns.

“Sorry, sorry. Meant ‘prince’.” The ogre gives a smile, displaying crooked teeth.

“Your time with us is at an end.”


“You must leave.”

“But want to be Elf!”

The maidens snicker. Karodras stares at them with his wolf-eyes. They scatter.

“You wish to become one of us, yes? Live with us in the forest of azure? Out here, in the perimeter, where there are no stars and where all life is immaculate?”

The ogre gives a blank stare.

“You want to be an Elf?”

“Yeah! For sure!”

“Then you must go now. Go and return with your companions. Bring to us a whole tribe of your kin, so that we may meet them, greet them, share the forest with them. We will know your past and you shall discover your future.”

“I bring my friends and then become Elf-kind? Sure, yeah, can do. I know this girl, she leads the tribe now, always said ‘I wanna know what’s in that forest there’, ya know? Your forest. I can go back and tell her, and the others, that it’s so fun and tasty here. They’ll want to come and see. But… ya’ll need to bring out the food when the tribe gets here. All the food you got! A feast, I say! Har har!”

The ogre’s belly rumbles with laughter.

Karodras is surprised to feel a smile creeping onto his face. It fades instantly, but is replaced by a wave of… something else. Is this pity?

No time for pity. The Summer Solstice approaches.

“Return with your friends. We shall all feast amongst the trees.”





I’m more of a painter/collector than a player these days, so there are armies I’m proud of visually that rarely see the battlefield. The ogres are one such force. I decided to go with as many ogres as possible, discarding gnoblars. I also decided that small units of bulls/leadbelchers (to redirect charges) backed by big regiments of ironguts would give me some tactical options. I opted for a gorger (I thought he wouldn’t necessarily be great against wood elves, but wanted to build an all-comers list for the upcoming tourney) and (s)craplauncher. My experience with warhammer as a whole and ogres in particular is painfully lacking, but I thought I might bait some charges with the weaker units and then SMASH FACE with the ironguts. The army was led by the charming Marilyn (complete with blonde wig and painted-on beauty spot). Her magic support was Goop the butcher.

Fluffwise the army represents a force talked into making an expedition to Athel Loren by one Yourand the Thin - an ogre, who thinks himself an elf. Onwards!

Wood Elves army

Wood elves army

Hello again!
I am more than happy that my opponent for the first battle report in fantasy world will be Jarek. His all armies are extremely beautifully painted and what is even more important - he is also a fantastic player to play against.
When it comes to building armies in WFB I have a little different approach compared to my orks in wh40k. I don’t do big changes from battle to battle - when the elves were released I created a concept of all-on-foot army and then bought the miniatures. Why this way? Well, I have been playing Bretonnia army since it was released in 5th edition, so I had enough of cavalry :) After each battle I did some adjustments to my Wood Elves force here and there and ended with the army that suits my playstyle almost in 100%.
Let’s start with hero section. My army general is a 1st level spellsinger - Alethir - with two dispel scrolls. He has only two roles is my army - try to provide some magic protection on turn one and two and survive till the end of the battle. That is all. In most games I even don’t bother to cast any spells.
My second hero is Alter Noble - Karodras - with double handed sword, shield, Helm of the Hunt and Stone of the Crystal Mere. He is my most valuable asset - his role is to kill enemy mages, war machines and fast cavalry units. He is also great in being "pain in the ass".
Dongaer - my army battle standard bearer is my last choice from this section. He has only two purposes - stay within 12 inches range to the Treeman to provide break test re-rolls and fire Hail of Doom Arrows from the Asyendi's Bane. And not to die in close combat of course :)
Troops are most vital part of my army - 2 units of 10 glade guard - one with musician and 3 units of 8 dryads. The bowmen are absolutely fantastic due to the fact that they do not suffer any drawbacks for moving and shooting. This ability combined with S4 at close range can be really deadly for light armoured enemies.
Dryads are simply awesome - fast, immune to psychology, hard-hitting, tough and cheap. In my opinion there are simply the best troops choice in the game.
From special section I always take wardancers. They might not be as good as wild riders but as I mentioned earlier - the aim was to not to field any cavalry units. Wardancers due to variety of their dancer are also a very flexible unit that fills gaps and adds more punch were it is needed most. I selected to field two units - one 5 elves strong and the second - 8 elves. Both have musicians.
From the rare section for me there is only one choice - a treeman. He is excellent in every way - he causes terror, has strong range attacks and is tough as hell. What is more - he is even stubborn!

My strategy for this battle is quite simple - first to destroy shooting units, then neutralise the mages and then kill everything else. Playing with this army requires a lot patience - unprepared charges never ends well for the elves. You have to attack units one by one - always with overwhelming force. The worst thing to do is to attack from the front only - there are no units in Wood Elves that can do this and not to worry about static combat resolution that the enemy will gain. You have to be smart. Smart and patient.

Pre battle

Mission: Pitched battle


Alethir (WE): Ariel’s Blessing


Ogres won the roll-off for the side selection and for first unit to deploy and opted that Wood Elves would place their first unit.
Roll-off for the first turn was won by Wood Elves and they used this opportunity.


deployment-1 deployment-2 deployment-3 deployment-4 deployment-5 deployment-6 deployment-7 deployment-8 deployment-9 deployment-10 deployment-11 deployment-12 deployment-13 deployment-14 deployment-15 deployment-16 deployment-17 deployment-18


Wood elves turn 1

Whole battle line moved forward taking positions to attack in next turns. On the right flank Karodras moved to be in charge range to scraplauncher but still benefit from proximity of dryads.

Alethir sang. His words were full of faith and power. The treeman was covered in green mist that was mimicking it’s moves. Ogre butcher couldn’t do anything to stop it.

Archers in the center lowered their bows and shot the first volley of arrows at the ironguts. But their armour plates held and no one was hurt.
Second unit was a little more lucky and wounded one Irongut from the Marilyn unit.
Dongaer took one special arrow from his quiver. It was black as night. He kissed it's arrowhead and pulled the string. He took aim and let it loose. The arrow flew and in mid-air it changed into cloud of death-black arrows that fall on the leadbelchers standing nearby scarp launcha. One ogre was killed straight away and the second heavily wounded. Viewing such death and his own wounds were too much for the ogre’s nerves. He thrown away his canon and started to run.

Ogres turn 1

No charges were declared.
Running leadbelcher decided that he had enough and fled from the battlefield. Marilyn noticed his cowardice and she promised herself that she make an example of him.
Scraplauncher moved away from the Alter noble.

Rest of the units moved forward.

Goop wanted to cast bonecrusher on a wardancer unit but failed to do this. Next he wanted to cast braingobler on a glade guard unit on the hill but the spellsinger used his dispel scroll. He was unable to prevent the butcher from casting a toothcracker on his own unit.

The gnoblars manning the scraplauncher turned the machine in the direction of archers on the hill. They were so far away.
-Pull it!!!! - screamed the aiming gnoblar.
-Moree! MOREEE!!! MOO...
There was a terrible crack. Strained rope with pieces of broken swing arm flow in every direction killing some of the crew. Terrified animal pulling the catapult went totally mad and trampled the remaining crew.

On the other flank leadbelcher fired their cannons at closing dryads. Aiming at those ever-changing creatures was not an easy task but one of them was killed.

Wood elves turn 2

No charges were declared. Wood elves repositioned to have better charge opportunities next turn. The treeman moved in front of the bulls unit. Dryads on the left flank moved closer to the leadbelchers who were busy reloading their cannons.

Spellsinger continued his song but he lost his focus and raw power overwhelmed him and thrown at the ground. He was bleeding from his eyes and ears and was unable to move.

Glade guards standing near the Spellsinger were affected by the power blast so their aim was poor. No ogre was wounded. Archers on the right flank aimed at ironguts and managed to inflict one wound on heavy armoured ogres.

The treeman roared and hit the ground with his enormous fists. Branches like snakes attacked standing nearby bulls. One ogre was sucked under the ground and a second one was wounded. Even though heavy losses and this terrible forest construct nearby the bulls held. For sure they heard Marilyn and her curses.

Ogres turn 2

Ogres attacked by the treeman roots wanted to charge him but were not able to move.
The leadbelchers held their cannon high and run toward closing dryads. If they cannot shoot them they will chop them! At first gnoblars wanted to join ogres but then they decided that would be safer to wait how big boys would handle with dryads.

Marilyn’s unit turned to face the treeman. Goop left his unit and moved to face the wardancers. Ironguts were disturbed by the presence of enemy units nearby but continued it’s marched towards the glade guard unit on the hill.

Goop used power enchanted in the bangstick at the wardancers. Vile magic energy filled the air but it diminished just before hitting the elves. Magic tattoos on their bodies shimmered. The butcher cursed and casted the toothcracker but this spell was countered by Alethir who used last of his dispel harms. Third attempt to use his power was a success and Goop gained regeneration. This effort costed him losing one wound.

Charging bulls attacked but their enemies were quick and evaded most of the attacks. Only one dryad was killed and in return one ogre was wounded. The combat ended as a stalemate.

Wood elves turn 3

The treeman charged. Bulls tried to flee but the branches braided their legs. They were slaughtered by this huge and relentless forest construct.
Flank of the ironguts was suddenly attacked by a small unit of dryads. Only two of them managed to reach the ogres.

The butcher saw attacking wardancers and readied himself to receive this charge. He held his blades in defensive stance but he was not aware that Karodras was approaching him from the behind...

Second unit of wardancers and dryads flanked unit of ironguts. The loop around them started to tightened.

Glade guard in the middle shot at gnoblars and killed two creatures. Second unit aimed their bows at the ironguts. This time they were more successful and managed to finish of a wounded ogre.

Goop never saw it coming. One moment he was ready to kill the charging wardancer, next he was decapitated by a double handed sword. Before death he noticed blonde elf covered in red cloak with a golden helm standing next to his headless body. Then there was only darkness awaiting for him.

Dryads fighting against the ironguts were trying to kill ogres but their thick skin and armour plates held. In return under massive stone clubs two dryads have fallen. Even those loses the dryads hold their ground.
In fight between the leadbelchers and the dryads one ogre was slain and the surviving one was unable to do any damage. It was enough for him and he broke from the combat and run 12 inches! Dryads tried to catch him but were not fast enough. What is more - the gnoblars seeing how the ogres were butchered decided to run away as well!

Ogres turn 3

There was no charges to declare.
Both gnoblars and the single leadbelcher failed to rally and run away from the battlefield.

Marilyn repositioned herself to join the combat against the dryads and second ironguts unit moved closer to the glade guard.

With the death of the butcher and all leadbelchers there was only one close combat to work out. Dryads were unable to hurt Marilyn and she attacked with a fury. In few seconds 3 dryad were dead. This was enough to break them.

Dryads run away. The ironguts were too slow and they pursued only 2 inches…

Wood elves turn 4

Dryads on the right side of the battlefield charged flank of the ironguts.

Fleeing dryads rallied and awaited for the chasing ogres.
Other wood elves units repositioned closing encirclement of the ironguts.

The spellsinger broke the spell that made the ironguts on the right flank unnaturally resilient.
Arrows fired at the ironguts with female general bounced off harmlessly of their armour.

Dryads unleashed their anger and killed the only ogre that could strike back. Ironguts lost their nerves and tried to run away. But they failed. One by one they were pulled down and murdered with cold blood. The forest spirits had they revenge.

Ogres turn 4

The ironguts charged dryads in front of them.

At last the gourger found it’s kin. He run towards the spellsinger and the glade guard. He was hungry and the only thing he was thinking about was how delightful those elves would taste.

Marilyn swing her weapon and killed one dryad straight away. The second one was killed by the ogre standing next to her. The surviving dryad wounded the ogre in front of her and this single act of defiance was enough to bolster up her courage to stand and fight for the next few precious moments.

Wood elves turn 5

The dryad holding whole ogre unit all alone bought enough time for the rest of the army to launch final attack. Ogres were charged simultaneously from both flanks - by the wardancers and dryads and from the rear by Alter nobel and the treeman.

Glade guard turned around to face ogre abomination. The spellsinger run away from the beast.

Even at that extreme close range archers managed to wound this half-ogre half animal only once. The pain made it even more furious.

The combat was bloody and brutal. Elves with forest spirits were merciless and butchered the ogres like cattle. Karodras attacked first and slayed one ogre and cut tendons of the another one. Immobile and bleeding ogre was unable to react when huge fist dropped from above and crushed him. Wardancers swirled between the ironguts slashing and cutting with their swords. One ogre fell bleeding from dozen wounds and the other one was half dead. He tried to attack back but rampaging dryads jumped on his back and finished him off. The heroic dryad again wounded her assailant but second later she was smashed by the Marilyn's mallet. One more dryad was killed by one of the surviving ogres. But this was nothing compared to slaughter that forces of Athel Loren did.

— FLEEE!!!! - screamed Marilyn.
She, Yourand the Thin and two other of her elite were running really fast. Faster than she could ever possibly believe she was able to. This was not the way she planned! She must have been betrayed by the Yourand. She should listen to her mother and never trust any man. Especially if he wears like a damned elf. She forgot that lesson and now was paying the price. The highest price possible. Marilyn couldn’t hear the chase. Hope for survival began to kindle in her heart. Then suddenly one of the ironguts fell to the ground with foul cough. Second later another one of her kin stopped running and hit the ground. His head was rolling on the ground. She stopped and turned around. If it is the end she will die fighting. Then she saw him - the same blond elf that killed Goop and so many more of her tribe. He was covered almost completely in blood and his eyes gleaming wildly. He held his double handed sword with ease and was walking toward her in silence. For the first time in her life she was afraid. She gritted her teeth and leaped to him with a mallet held high. She put every ounce of energy left into this single blow. In the last moment the blonde performed pirouette and evaded the blow. He continued that movement and put his sword straight into Marilyn’s heart through her back. She fell on her knees and died. With a wet sound elf released his sword and slowly walked toward Yourand.

Ogres turn 5

With dreadful roar the gouger charged the elves.

The only reason why their held their ground was that they outnumbering the beast. The gouger attacked but one of the elves jumped in front of him before he could strike. This surprised the attacker. He tore the elf in pieces but couldn't do anything more.

Wood elves turn 6

There was no chance to help the glade guard. Rest of the army could only watch from distance as the beast was tearing apart their kinsmen.

Archers decided to sell their life dearly. They surrounded the gouger and attacked with their longbows and daggers. But the beast was fast and it’s skin thick. Not even one of the blows made it hurt. In return one of them was torn into pieces. The combat was a stalemate.

Ogres turn 6

There was only one combat to resolve.
The gouger attacked with new ferocity and this time he was deadly. Four elves were slaughtered and they broke from combat.

They tried to run away but the gouger felt the warm blood and liked it. He chased the archers and killed every single of them. He stopped feeding on still warm flesh when he noticed that there were no more allies and huge number of elves were heading toward him. The beast was conscious enough that it’s knew that the best thing it could do is to ran away and hide in the forest.


The slaughter comes to an end. Wardancers cheer, Dryads melt back into the trees. All the ogres are dead. All but one.

Yourand stands alone. He scratches his head, trying to understand. Failing. He looks up at Karodras.

“Why all the killin’? You were angry?”

“We are not angry at you. You did as you were bid.”

“I did… good?” Yourand asks after a moment of intense thought. “I am Elf now? Elf like you?”

Karodras sees hope inside the brute’s bloodshot eyes. A great, desperate hope. He knows that to count this creature among elf-kind would be more than mere foolishness. It would be blasphemy. And yet he feels his sword grow heavy in his hands. The double-edged blade, so quick to taste the enemy’s blood, now somehow unsure and defiant. It has gorged itself on the ogres. Became a sacred instrument of the Solstice Sacrifice. Why should this be any different?

Karodras smiles coldly, tries to ignore the feelings rising within. Why should he regard this towering mound of grey flesh as anything more than just another foe? True, it lived among us, it tried to become us, but nothing is truly changed. None of it matters. There can be no denying facts.

And yet...

“You did good… Yourand.” The primitive name slides down the Elf’s tongue and becomes dignified, almost beautiful. “You did as you were told and performed your function. You are part of a larger world now”.

“I am Elf?” A wide grin appears on the ogre’s face, spreading slowly like an avalanche.

The sword is dripping with blood. It is ready once more.

“You did as you were told and shall partake in a great and important rite,” says Karodras. “Your life is more than it was. It has meaning. And thus, you are one of us indeed.”

The blade darts forward and splits the avalanche.


Ogres 216 : 2024 Wood Elves

Post game


Yikes! I lost the initiative during the first turn and never got it back. It didn’t help that the scraplauncher (my one long-range threat) blew up at the very start, but all and all I was out-manoeuvred and, well… out-played. I never had a chance to connect with anything and before I knew it I had wardancers behind my lines.
The ogres hit like a ton of bricks, but require a sure hand to guide them (or at least point them in the right direction). I felt helpless through most of the game, as the enemy kept avoiding my line of sight. Them wood elves are tricky to fight, that’s for sure.
I think I should have gone for 3 smaller regiments of ironguts instead of 2 large ones - to make it harder for the enemy to flank my relatively small force.
(Oh, as a side note… I ended up taking my Skaven to the tourney. Just ‘cause…)

A great big thank you to Kuba for the game. Losing horribly is rarely so much fun :}

Ogre of the game:
Gotta go with the Gorger. He did his job. And lived to tell (well, snarl) the tale!

Wood Elves

It was a great game! My force performed very well and I am pleased how it worked. I managed to fulfill my pre-battle plan - destroy at first supporting units and them soften up main hitting units before assaulting them with overwhelming force. I must admit that I had luck during this battle - first when the leadbelchers run away and then when scap launcha destroyed itself. But my biggest luck was when dryads kept busy for three rounds of close combat main Irongut unit with Marilyn. This allowed me to repositioned my key units and finish them off.
When we began the game I realized that I made huge mistake - I deployed too far away battle standard bearer from the treeman. This was the reason why I played him so defensive and I was afraid that I might lost him if the ironguts would charge him. The only solution was to charge with dryads. It was huge risk but in the end it went in my favor and Athel Loren was purged of those filthy brutes.

Elf of the game:
There are two nominations for me - Alter noble who alone killed the butcher, one irongut and what is more he secured the unit banner. Second key unit was of course the dryads unit that held ironguts in heroic way.