Warhammer Fantasy Battle 6ed game: Dark Elves vs Wood Elves 1999pts

Report and story: Moudy, Jarek Westermark & Jakub Polkowski
Art: Katarzyna Borek-Polkowska
We are using folding table and mats from Urbanmatz


Ancient was the tree that overarched the glade. Though it cast an embracing, benevolent shadow upon all that grew beneath its branches, the tree was almost radiant in beauty and wear.
It had bark that was rich in features and scars that immortalized countless tiny insects in a casing of amber - like ornaments grafted onto the texture. The creatures that dwell in the forest were instinctively moved not to spoil it's beauty and only birds plotted their nests in the corona.
The tree was feeling, knowing. It could not speak but for the murmur of the leaves, or whispers of wisdom sometimes passed to the wind, the trusted keeper.
And when winter freeze came, the tree would remain silent in face of oblivion.
And when summer dry brought the fires, the tree would not usher a word, defying destruction. Yet all these had been endured by the outer forests, and what had died was soon forgotten under lush regrowth. And the fearless tree wept, lamenting the fallen brothers and sisters of its youth.
But as its skin was split by a cold razor it would scream.

Malither drew back from the trunk, grazing his lip on a splinter. He licked his lips, covered with blood and sweet sap. He had bled the tree to quell hunger and weariness after a long march. Now he measured the tree in front of him with hesitant eyes.
— I could have sworn it cried. - the Slaver answered a silent question from his right hand and flagbearer, Kilthir. A taciturn subordinate did not comment, seemingly oblivious to what his leader had experienced.
— Mayhap you should trust more in your misgivings, my friend. - a voice rich in tones, like a heavy perfume, slipped between the two Druchii. Both turned to see Vivithiel, one of the Triumvirate sorcerers who had led them on this expedition to the outskirts of Athel Loren. The most... amicable of the three brothers, one who spent the most time with the troops. The eldest, Vorathion, was a brooding mystic lost in his thoughts who rarely parted his pursed lips but to command others around. Veknirr, on the other hand, was nothing more than a magic-wielding sadist.
The Slaver gestured for his best warrior to leave them and Kilthir did, with a contemptuous grimace on his face. It was obvious that the sorcerer, who seemed to have a fondness of the corsair leader, was there for a purpose, and that purpose was related to the battle at hand.

— The shades have not returned yet, but they will be on time. - began Malither, wrongly guessing the sorcerer's thoughts.
— Oh, I trust they will. In the meantime, I was wondering whether you might share your misgiving with me.
Corsair's brow raised in slight surprise.
— What do you mean? Why are you concerned with my thoughts?
— Your captain did lend us the support of scouts and your men, but I know you had no choice in the matter. However, it is of utmost concern to me to know what bothers the soldiers that I lead. Out of my best interest of course.
Malither considered whether there was any danger in sharing his thoughts. He wiped sap and blood from his face, looking in the direction that Kilthir left, to ensure no one unwanted is listening.
The sorcerer seemed earnest - he always did, that is. But he was closer to the captain of the black ark than the Slaver, even if they did fight a number of times together. After all, the Triumvirate did survive their exile from Naggaroth with a handful of household servants and knights of the same noble bloodline. It was the immense wealth and support of their magic, independent of Sorceress Convent that led to this most beneficial covenant. It was a dicey chance taken by the captain, who wished not to share profits with the Witch King and he was sure to see traitors everywhere.
— I am not bothered at all. I serve my captain in hopes of promotion.
— And replacing him one day, I know. Is it lack of plunder? Are you afraid there will be no profit for you?
Now Malither grimaced.
— The forest certainly is no gold-laden ziggurat of Lustria. To be honest, I am not certain why you would want to come here.
— Loren is a very special forest. It is lush not only with life, but with spirits... and beings ablaze with energies not that different from the ones in the far north. - Vivithiel smiled with melancholy in his eyes. - Energies that I and my brothers seek to tame, spirits that I seek to enslave or consume.
Corsair processed the answer that sorcerer gave him.
— I assume you must have paid my captain a fortune.
— I assure you we did. But it is not all that is to be found here. The Asrai are the guardians of the glade we will conquer. Not the wretched island kin, not as fragile or decadent. Think of the youths and maidens we will face. Think what slaves the survivors will make.
The Slaver stared at the older Druchii with an empty stare that became dreamy for less than a heartbeat... and the sorcerer knew that his determination in the upcoming combat has been secured.
— And I have a special task for you and your warriors. See the tree towering above us. - Vivithiel pointed his wand at the ancient dweller of the glade.
— Imagine the tree sprung to life. Its branches would strike, its roots would sprout out, impaling. It would stand unflinchingly. Such is one of the spirits we will face. I need you stand your ground when it comes. I need you to make it flinch.
Malither slowly circled around the trunk he had bled for sap.
— Shouldn't The Collector handle this? - asked the corsair, wondering whether sawtooth blades would cut deep enough.
— The Khainites serve Vorathion out of their shared... enmity towards the Convent. They have been appointed another task. - explained the sorcerer.
— And can you destroy this spirit with your power?
Now it was Vivithiel who took his time to think before he would tell an obvious half-truth. — Certainly, given enough time.
— Then we will stand our ground... and make it flinch.
— Excellent. In such a case, I shall leave you to your own devices. Until the gloom.
— Until then. - corsair the completed their personal valediction.
As the sorcerer disappeared in the dark of the night, the familiar pale face of Kilthir emerged from a nearby shadow, waiting patiently for the Slaver to cease watching Vivithiel's departure.
— Tell the men to cut the tree down.

Silvyr run. His breath was aligned to the wind gently blowing through the forest. His feet seemed to never touch the ground and all branches simply moved away just enough not to slow him down. He was in unity with the forest. He could run listening to the voice of the Athel Loren for hours and never get tired. He crossed a small stream over slippery boulders as a bridge and suddenly stopped. Something was wrong. There was a false note in the forest song but he didn’t know why. He instinctively hid in the shadows, closed his eyes and listened. He couldn’t hear anything. No birds singing, no insects buzzing around. Like all nature ran away from this place. Something was awry. He opened his eyes.
For a fraction of second, at the edge of his vision he saw a shadow darker than the rest of the surroundings. Someone was hunting him in his own forrest! Silvyr’s blood boiled with anger, but he remained motionless.
Another one! And a third!
They were encircling him. The elf subconsciously knew there was no easy way out for him. He had to decide whether his own safety was worth taking the risk. No, the forest’s safety was most important.
Lightning fast, Silvyr reached for his belt and grabbed his horn - made of antlers and decorated with gold trims - and blew it with all the air that his lungs could hold. The alarm filled the forest and abruptly stopped after merely a second.
Silvyr dropped the horn and kneeled. His body was pierced by five crossbow bolts shot from different angles. His mouth was filled with blood. His body was numb. At the last moment of consciousness, he saw them coming toward him. Druchii shades.
It was over. He only hoped that his signal was heard by the defenders of the forest.



Dark Elves

Dark Elves

Hi there. I’m Muody and it is my first appearance on battle-reports.org. Obviously, I am going to bring out my inner ruthless self and try defeat guardians of the forest with my Dark Elves! Back in the day, they had an opinion of a rather weak army, while Wood Elves are certainly top tier. Moreover, I’ll be facing Jakub who is one of the most skilled tacticians I’ve encountered while playing 6th edition.
It might seem foolish to invade Athel Loren under such circumstances but the Dark Elves have a number of aces up their sleeve and I intend to fully utilize them all! Knowing that I have to paint my wizards for an upcoming tournament and that forest spirits lose their ward save when struck with magic I brought the Triumvirate of mages. They are packed with as much arcane heat as Druchii sorceress can.
Magic or not, this army is all about speed and forcing engagements that are beneficial to me. Two units of Dark Riders are accompanying almost all of my rosters so here they are, outfitted with xbows and musicians. Another reason to bring them is that they are my most recently painted models and I am really proud of these riders. They will be accompanied by 5 Cold One Knights, who are the most dependable unit I have.
I got into this army because of beautiful infantry units, so it is a natural pick. A regiment of Corsairs is the only unit that can withstand S4 arrows and emerge 86% combat effective (which wasn’t the case last time our armies met on the battlefield, but second time’s the charm). I take Executioners because they are a decent way to tie a Treeman and can take on some dryads (albeit with casualties for sure). What is even more important - these are my all time favorite models of whole GW range. Banner of Murder makes them expensive but gives them much needed agency when it comes to charging.
Last but not least, a regiment of xbowmen, 2 Bolt Throwers and a pack of Shades provide me with some diversified firepower that hopefully will help whittle down those goddamn Wardancers. And so you have it. The strategy is simple - if it bleeds sap, kill it!

Wood Elves army

Wood elves army

Hello again and welcome back to the Old World!
This time my brave wood elves force will stand against a Druchii invasion. We are playing my absolute favorite format - 1999pts. This means two things. First of all - role of heroes is quite significantly limited and secondly - there will be A LOT of units! This is the way WFB games should be played in my opinion.
So let’s begin. My hero section is the same as always: Alethir - 1st level Spellsinger with two dispel scrolls who will be my general. The second slot is reserved for Karodras - Alter Noble with double-handed sword, shield, Helm of the Hunt and Stone of the Crystal Mere. My third hero choice is naturally Dongaer - army battle standard bearer with Hail of Doom Arrows and the Asyendi's Bane. No surprises here.
My troops choices are 4 units of 8 dryads, 3 units of 10 glade guards - each with a musician - and one unit of 5 glade riders with a musician. That is 8 units from core section alone! The only new element is glade riders for whom I am unable to find points in 1500pts roster. They give me so much more possible strategies to use. I am very keen to see how they will perform.
From special section, I opted to field 3 units of 7 wardancers. Two units will have a musician. I would like to switch one unit of wardancers to wild riders but I wasn’t able to finish painting them - so maybe next time…. Still, wardancers are a great choice and having three big units should allow me to react to most threats.
Selection from the rare section is easy as always - a treeman is a must in any Asrai force. With that my army was ready.
My strategy has not changed - first destroy shooting units that can hurt my army. Then dance around enemies. Make them powerless with anger. Isolate prey and tear it apart one unit after another till there is no one left alive.

Pre battle

Mission: Pitched battle


Alethir (WE) Lore of Loren: Tree singing

Vorathion (DE) Dark magic: Chllwind, Soul Stealer, Black Horror
Vivithiel (DE) Lore of death: Dark Hand of Death, Steal Soul
Veknirr (DE) Lore of death: Dark Hand of Death, Drain Life


Wood elves won the roll-off for the side selection. Dark elves won the roll-off who will deploy first and opted that wood elves will deploy first.
Roll-off for the first turn was won by the dark elves.


deployment-1 deployment-2 deployment-4 deployment-5 deployment-6 deployment-7 deployment-8 deployment-9 deployment-10 deployment-11 deployment-12 deployment-13 deployment-14 deployment-15 deployment-16 deployment-17 deployment-18 deployment-19


Dark elves turn 1

Cold one knights controlled their steeds with ease and moved slightly forward. On their flanks, the dark riders redeployed.

On the other side of the battlefield, the Triumvirate moved to be in range to cast spells. Crossbowmen unit changed formation to a single line and moved forward. The executioners shadowed the moves of the sorcerers. Shades circled around the waterfall so they would be able to shoot at multiple targets.

The magic phase started with Vorathion casting Chillwind on glade guard but Alethir dispelled it using 3 dice. Next, he tried to cast Black Horror but this attempt was denied by wood elf spellsinger who used one of his dispel scrolls.

Alethir felt that reality itself was fracturing. Creatures from the other side of the veil were howling in anticipation, eager to rip apart his unaware kin. The spellsinger's soul left his body and rushed to protect the Asrai. He tried to prevent this nightmare from coming true. He struggled in torment. He had never felt such malice and hate. His essence began to fade away under the overwhelming power of the Druchii sorcerer. He was collapsing. At the last moment he felt it - the very presence of the forest itself. It bestowed him its power and showed him the way. He used purity to oppose evil, and was victorious. The horrors were stopped from manifesting. Alethir opened his eyes.
He had sunk to his knees. His body ached as blood poured from his ears and nose. He was alive, but he now knew that he had to fight on even if that meant certain death. It didn't matter anymore. Those cursed sorcerers had to be stopped. At any cost.

Veknirr was laughed seeing his older brother struggle and used this occasion to cast Dark Hand of Death on the closest wardancer unit. He was successful but only one elf fell. Veknirr cursed when he saw that Vivithiel used the same spell and killed 2 dryads.

Druchii released bolts from their dreaded repeating crossbows. Shades killed one glade guardian, two more were killed by Veknirr who used his Lifetaker. Despite such casualties, the glade guard held their ground. A bolt thrower and the crossbowmen shot at the wardancers. Asrai warriors tried to dodge upcoming bolts but it was simply too much. 3 of them fell lifelessly to the ground.

Dark riders shot at the glade riders but did nothing. The second unit of dark elf fast cavalry managed to kill a single wardancer.

Wood elves turn 1

Dark elf magic and shooting superiority on the right flank was overwhelming. The dryads moved as fast as they could toward the hill where most of druchii forces gathered. The wardancers accompanied by Dongaer moved closer to be in shooting range of Hail of Doom Arrows. The remnants of the second wardancer unit moved slightly forward. Karodras run to be able to support his kin in the following turns.

The dryads on the left flank moved forward in wide formation. Wardancers were running close behind them.

In the centre, the glade riders rushed forward to threaten the executioners’ flank and possibly hunt for mages next turn. The treeman moved into the nearby forest. Archer units moved 2.5 inches to the right to bring more arrows to bear against the dark riders in the centre.

The treeman tried to use his power and move the forest he was occupying but was easily countered.

Dongaer saw his brothers die pierced by Druchii bolts and get turned to ash by vile magic. He promised himself that he would avenge them and that their sacrifice would not be in vain. He didn't hesitate. He drew an arrow from his quiver. It was a special arrow, forged in ancient times - black as death that it foreran. Dongaer smiled as he released the arrow from his bow. The sky above the shades darkened as the arrow split and multiplied just before it hit the unprepared shades. The elves screamed in agony as the projectiles punctured their flesh.
Dongaer lowered his bow and raised the banner of his tribe high.
— For Athel Loren! SHOW NO MERCY!!! - he cried and ran toward the Druchii, hatred fueling his every move.

The Hail of Doom Arrows that were let loose by Dongaer hit the shades. Not even one of them survived. Vorathion, who stood right behind the obliterated shades, panicked and ran away.
The glade guard shot at the crossbowmen but managed to kill only one Druchii.

Both units of the glade guard and the glade riders shot at the dark riders and were able to kill only 3 of them! The remaining riders held their nerves and prepared for a revenge.

Dark elves turn 2

The dark riders charged the glade riders, who decided to flee, but were caught and cut down mercilessly.

The second unit of the dark riders moved away from the closing dryads. The cold one knights moved aside a few inches just to have better visibility in next turn.

Vorathion rallied. The corsairs moved forward to the forest which the treeman was occupying. Veknirr and Vivithiel aligned themselves to the executioners flank. The crossbowmen backed up to the hill.

Magic phase started with Vorathion’s miscast, which meant that he wasn't able to cast any more spells in that turn. The oldest of the Triumvirate had bad luck at the beginning of the battle. Vivithiel released a Doombolt bound in is Wand of the Kharaidon at the dryads but Alethir managed to dispel it. Veknirr cast the Dark Hand of Death at the glade guard in the forest and 3 elves were engulfed by death magic. Vivithiel assailed crippled unit the wardancers with the same spell and finished them off. Those casualties were not enough to panic the glade guard.

The dark riders shot at the wardancers, but failed to kill anyone. The combined firepower from crossbowmen and repeater bolt thrower shooting at the second wardancer unit with Karodras was equally ineffective. The second machine managed to kill a single elf from the glade guard unit at the hill. Veknirr aimed Lifetaker at the glade guard in the forest and killed a single archer. This was enough to cause a panic test, which they failed and ran away 8 inches.

Wood elves turn 2

There were no charges to declare. The fleeing glade guards rallied. The dryads and the wardancers on the left flank continued to move towards the Druchii forces.

The dark elves’ magic domination had to end. The dryads moved close to the mages and crossbowmen unit. Just behind them, the shape-shifting Karodras appeared.

In the centre the treeman reached the edge of the forest and a unit of the wardancer joined his flank. The glade guard unit moved forward.

In the magic phase, Alethir tried to move the forest with the wardancers and the Treeman but miscast... As a result he was unable to cast any spells in the following turn. The Treeman attempted to do the same, but his magic was not powerful enough to break through the anti-magic shield of the Triumvirate.

The glade guard shot at the dark riders and killed them without any problems. The second unit shot at the corsairs but their see dragon cloaks saved them. The Treeman hit the ground and tried to attack the corsairs with his roots but under the surface of soil was solid rock and he failed to reach the Druchii.

Dark elves turn 3

One of the cold ones caught scent of blood on the wind and decided to follow it. The rest of the steeds followed their leader, caring little about screams and punches from their riders. Seeing that, the dark riders quickly turned around and repositioned themselves to protect the exposed flank of the knights.

The corsairs passed their terror test and moved away from the Treeman and the wardancers hiding in the forest.
Vivithiel joined Vorathion on the hill close to the repeater bolt thrower. The executioners turned around to assist the corsairs if the Treeman would charge them. The crossbowmen again stepped down from the hill to block inevitable charge of Karodras or the dryads.

The shapechanger was like lightning and sprung up seemingly from nowhere, moving behind the dryads who hurried towards the household guards. Vorathion saw his own death in the gleaming blade that he knew alter noble carried.
— Veknirr! Close in and slay the fool! - shouted the eldest of the Triumvirate and the youngest brother nodded, moving ahead of their troops as plants on his path withered. Seeing that, the wizard-general ran to the hill.
— Vivithiel, follow me!
— What if he gets killed?! - asked the middle brother. Being an exile, he felt much more loyalty to his siblings than most other Druchii.
— In any case, one fool will slay another!

Vorathion cast the Dark Hand of Death at the dryads and failed! Next, Vivithiel wanted to use his wand but Alethir dispelled it. What is more, the wand exhausted it's power. Veknirr tried to cast Drain Life but it was denied by the spellsinger who used his last scroll. Then Veknirr cast the Dark Hand of Death at the dryads but even though 5 of them were hit only one was killed. Again, Vivithiel had to show his brothers that he should lead this army. He pointed his arms at the dryads and channelled death magic through him. 4 of the forest spirits turned into ash. But 1 survived...

So the shooting phase was to decide whether wood elves’ gambit would succeed. The crossbowmen shot at the alter noble and 2 bolts hit him but were deflected by a red aura gleaming from the crystal hanging on Karodras neck. Veknirr decided to eliminate the closest threat. He aimed his Lifetaker at the dryad and pierced its head with magically enchanted bolts.
The crew of the bolt thrower had the last chance to neutralize the wood elf hero. They shot a salvo at the shape-shifter and even though 2 bolts hit the alter noble still stood unharmed. The gambit worked.

In the centre the dark riders managed to kill one wardancer and the second bolt thrower shot one more glade guard from the unit occupying the hill.

Wood elves turn 3

Karodras snarled and charged the crossbowmen who could only hold. The alter noble carefully positioned himself to ensure that if he broke this unit, the pursuit would bring him into combat with dark elf general.

The dryads charged the flank of the cold one knights. 4 forest spirits were able to reach combat.

The Treeman emerged from the forest, as the wardancers moved closer to its edge, protecting giant forest spirit's flank. Just behind them stood the army battle standard bearer. Unit of the glade guard in the centre marched to close the distance to the Druchii at the hill. In front of them, a unit of the dryads was running to cover the second flank of the treeman. The second wardancers unit moved into the forest and the dryads blocked the dark riders’ escape route around the obelisks.

There was no magic phase.

The Treeman again tried to use his Strangleroot attack and this time one of the corsairs was entangled and sucked under the ground. 3 remaining glade guard on the right flank moved closer to the executioners and shot their bows at them. One of the Druchii elites was slain.

Dryads attacked with fury - they jumped on the giant lizards and dragged their riders from saddles. Heavy armoured elves were to slow to block razor sharp branches and three of them were butchered. The last two knights run away 12 inches and were chased by the dryads who were unable to catch them.

Karodras swung his double-handed sword faster than most elves would use a dagger. Dark elf warriors were no match for him and he instantly bisected three of them. But the Druchii had the numbers and did not run away.

Dark elves turn 4

No charges were declared. The cold ones continued fleeing. The Triumvirate repositioned themselves to have a better line of sight to the wood elf units. The corsairs again moved away from the Treeman. The executioners moved to close the trap.

The dark riders moved to the edge of the battlefield. Soon there will be nowhere to run...

The result of Drain Life was 15 on 3 dices and Alethir felt that is much too powerful for him to even try to dispel. Karodras was hit 5 times but the crystal saved him again! The wardancers were not so lucky - all of 4 hits were fatal. The Treeman was unaffected. Chillwind was cast into the dryads and 1 was killed. Another magic projectile killed one more forest spirit.

Veknirr drew his magic crossbow and killed 2 more dryads. Another one was shot by the dark riders and one more by the bolt thrower. The second machine was unable to pierce through the thick skin of the forest spirits. That left the unit with 2 dryads still alive.

The dark elf warriors recovered fast and struck back at the shape-shifter. They managed to hit him once but his shimmering aura deflected deadly blow and saved the noble once more. In return, Karodras twisted his sword in reverse direction and 3 more Druchii were butchered. This was too much and they fled. Karodras stood motionless with his sword held high. Blood was running down the blade and his eyes were fixed on his next prey.

Wood elves turn 4

Karodras ran in silence. Veknirr realised what was happening in last moment. He had just enough time to raise his staff.
The Treeman charged the corsairs. The huge monster was followed by a pair of wardancers and 2 dryads.

Ancient was the tree that overarched the glade. Though it cast an embracing, benevolent shadow upon all that grew beneath its branches, the tree was terrifying in its anger. Out of anger it left the glade and closed in on the Druchii.
Its bark was rich in scars left by untold invaders before. Much more would mark its wooden hide.
The corsairs were standing in tight formation, ready for the acrobatic wardances who seemed to casually frolic towards them, and dryads closing in with their branch-like claws yearning for Druchii blood.
The Slaver was unfazed, thinking of the spoils.
— Stand your ground! - he thundered at nervous corsairs and even stoic Kilthir looked at him, somewhat surprised.
— Make it flinch.

The second unit of dryads charged the cold one knights who were unable to flee fast enough and were overrun by the forest spirits. After finishing off the cavalry they to ran into bolt thrower - its crew could only hold the unexpected charge. One elf was killed and the second one had no choice but to flee from outnumbering, fear-causing enemy.

The wardancers ran to the the dark riders and the dryads closed the trap from the other side of the obelisks.

Both units of the glade guard moved towards Druchii line and shot at the unengaged bolt thrower - as a result, one of the crew was pierced by an arrow. The last unit of 3 glade guard tried to distract the executioners but their shots bounced harmlessly off the heavy armour. Dongaer shot his magical bow at Vorathion but failed to wound him.

Karodras laughed when he saw how clumsy and slow Veknirr was. With one fluid dodge, alter noble bypassed a thrust of sorcerer’s staff and with a rapid slash, he severed both hands of his opponent.
Veknirr screamed in pain and shock but that was not enough for the wood elves hero. His lithe form ducked and twisted as his sword passed through mage’s body at the waist as easily as though nothing was in the way of the blade. The top half of Veknirr's body fell to the ground. Sorcerer was alive for few more heartbeats. Just enough to realize the inevitable.

The wardancers killed 2 corsairs, so when the Dryads inflicted 3 more wounds, it seemed that everything was going well for the Wood Elf army, but then three sixes came up during the roll for saves!!! Everything was now in the Treeman's hands. He growled and massacred 4 elves. The Corsairs’ champion was unable to hurt the wardancers, and the combat ended in a draw.

Dark elves turn 5

The Dark Riders remained stationary and shot at the wardancers. But not even one of them was hit.

The Executioners wanted to charge into combat with the Treeman, but were unable to overcome their fear, so they remained where they stood. On the hill, the crossbowmen rallied.
The two still alive sorcerers moved away from combat and prepared to revenge their fallen brother.
Vivithiel cast Dark Hand of Death at the alter noble, but it was dispelled. Vorathion cast Chillwind and managed to inflict a wound on a Karodras, which meant that the Wood Elf hero had lost his ward save! Vivithiel was smiling while he cast Steal Soul, which knocked down the shape-shifter.

The Bolt thrower on the hill took advantage of the fact that the Wood Elves’ battle standard bearer was out of proximity range and killed Dongaer. That was a real blow because the Treeman would now be unable to reroll break test if the fight went south.

Wardancers chose to perform a dance that gave them a 4+ ward save and attacked the corsairs. One dark elf was killed. Next, dryads executed the corsairs’ champion. Two corsairs fought back - one tried to wound the Treeman and failed to pierce his thick bark. The second one showed exceptional martial skills and killed 2 remaining dryads with his 2 attacks!!! It was all in the Treemans boughs once again, and again he slaughtered 4 Druchii. But the Wood Elves still lost combat by 1 point and they had to make a break test without the battle standard nearby. Wardancers made the test and 9 was rolled. So they ran away 7 inches. Next was the treeman. It was the crucial moment of the battle. The dice flew and one of them was 6... and the second was 2! The ancient one held!

Wood elves turn 5

Wardancers charged the dark riders who were unable to inflict any damage during their stand and shoot response.

The Dryads that destroyed the central bolt thrower declared a charge against the corsairs, who failed their panic test and fled from combat. As a result, the Treeman was free to move, and he walked towards Vorathion and Vivithiel.
The fleeing wardancers rallied. One Glade guard unit moved closer to the centre of the battlefield. The second unit backed away to grab a table quarter. The 3-elf strong glade guard unit moved closer to the crossbow-wielding elves on the hill.

The Glade guard unit in the centre opened fire at the bolt thrower, but only one of the crew was killed.
The small unit of glade guard managed to kill one crossbowmen.
The treeman attacked Vorathion with his roots but 2 hits were rolled and no wounds were inflicted!

Wardancers threw themselves at the dark riders like hungry wolves at defenseless prey. Swords slashed and hacked with a speed that was difficult to follow. In a moment that lasted no longer than a single heartbeat, all riders and their steeds were laying lifeless on the ground. The Asrai warriors ran further without pause.

Dark elves turn 6

All dark elves kept their nerve and didn't run away from the Treeman.
There were no charges. The corsairs rallied and reformed into a single line.
Both sorcerers moved away from the treeman, and the executioners moved to grab one of the table quarters.

There was nothing that Malither could do.
His open eyes did not see, but his ears did hear the carnage still raging around. In his final indifference, the corsair's fading mind caught the scent of sorcerer's soul, ablaze with lives extinguished and spirits consumed.
— What... what slaves the-they'll.... make... - the Slaver whispered faintly, coughing up blood.
As he glanced at the closing enemy, Vivithiel could barely recognize the broken form of the corsair champion mingled with his slaughtered comrades and branch like limbs of slain dryads. For one heartbeat, he forgot the battle around him.
— Indeed - he answered, watching the last moments of the proud fool who held his ground. - They'll please you no end. - Vivithiel's eyes glimpsed the closing enemies and focused on the dying elf for the last time. - Until the gloom.
— Until... th... - were the last words of Malither, and the last taste on his lips was blood mixed with sweet sap.

Vorathion tried to cast Black Horror but failed. Vivithiel tried to cast Dark Hand of Death, but Alethir managed to stop him.

The Bolt thrower shot at the 2 wardancers and they fell dead, pierced by huge projectiles.

Wood elves turn 6

The Dryads charged the bolt thrower and killed the last elf manning the machine.

The Treeman again moved closer to the Vorathion. The Glade guard moved closer to have the corsairs in short range. The Wardancers returned from the table edge and secured a table quarter.

The 10-elves strong unit shot at the corsairs, and - at close range - the volley was deadly. Only one sea dragon cloaked elf was left standing. 3 more glade guards tried to finish him off, but the only wound they managed to inflict was saved. Next was the treeman. He roared with anger and this time his roots hit with full force. As the oldest of the sorcerers’ Triumvirate was torn into pieces, the battle was over.

As the rain of arrows felled all his comrades, Kilthir wrapped his cloak tighter and gripped the unsurrendered banner bitterly, bloodied, but alive. He did not usher a sound, instead meeting his desperate position with a contemptuous grimace.


Vorathion was torn asunder, impaled on spiked roots that finally caught him. So were the household warriors of their family, butchered on the hill, and the knights - torn to pieces by dryads.
Vivithiel did not say a word as he gazed upon the last of his kin, his brother, taken from him by the Asrai. It took a second for him to regain composure and command The Collector:
— It is over! Cleave us a way out of here!
Yet even though he retained his composure, and would remain the amicable manipulator in the plots to follow, a discarded, forgotten emotion reopened scars that were present in every Druchii heart. It invaded his very soul.
The calculating, pragmatic sorcerer simmered with hate for the guardians of the forest, and that hate would become the cause of his eventual return.


Dark Elves 940(6) : 1903(14) Wood Elves

Post game

Dark Elves

What a slaughter that was! It’s always great to see the pile of the dead on the other table far outnumber the models still on the game board. And that’s what happens when both armies are deadly yet fragile (save for some noteworthy exceptions).
Playing Jakub was fun fun fun, and I wanted to thank him again for providing a place to play, since he was the host of out elven get-together.
We both played well overall, but in a very gentlemanly manner and I think this is the way this game - or truly, any wargame - is meant to be played. In such circumstances, the joy of strategizing the most out of every move is much heightened. :D
Speaking more of what actually happened, we made some mistakes big and small. While I could not predict the moment when Knights fail their stupidity, I feel I could have moved them in a way that would better prepare them for such a mishap - the best would be, of course, to compensate for the possible move forward and keep them slightly further in the back. Though really, just facing the dryads up front should have allowed me to deny flank CR and engage more models. Again, the horrendous casualties the forest spirits inflicted (that’s three 2s on 3+ AS!) were impossible to foresee, but that should not have prevented me from playing better. :D
I also made a mistake with the Dark Rider unit that ended up in partial sight of Glade Guard. I totally forgot that they can just move to the flank with impunity, but without any penalty to their BS. Only the fact that only 2/3rd of them had line of sight saved some of my riders. If it wasn’t for a slight miscalculation on Jakub’s part, they would not have killed the Glade Riders so easily. Then there was another unit of Dark Riders, which stood their ground and shot, counting on causing further casualties via stand&shoot when the Wardancers charged, but I really should have just charged (as Jakub said), since striking first and denying S4 was more critical than actual numbers. On the charge, striking first, I really could have ridden through them with just a little luck.
And of course, the general. The first time the Treeman was suddenly freed by panicking corsairs (he lost combat so could not pursue) and after verifying the rules it was established he could just walk up to my general and strangleroot the hell outta him! The devil’s luck saved him from certain doom, as only two hits have been rolled and none wounded. That was a godsend that I wasted entirely, since the very last turn I forgot lone characters can march even in proximity of enemy troops! Jakub didn’t know what I was thinking and I am not surprised he didn’t even consider I had forgotten such a basic thing, since I know he would have told me otherwise - as I said, we played very gentlemanly, without sacrificing the competition in field of strategy. Which was the best!
And thus, the Druchii lost, but no matter, the young soldiery of Naggaroth is cheap, and there are many exiled sorcerers who can be drawn by the chaotic energies coursing through the roots of Loren. I’m keen on returning soon - until then!

Dark Elf of the game:
Even though they did not earn a single victory point the entire battle, the 295 pts worth regiment of Executioners has to grab the title. The strategic implication of an elite block with a charge range of 11”-16” meant that they pushed back the entire main Asrai flank without combat. And of course, they looked badass doing so - these are my favourite GW models of all time!

Wood Elves

Whoa! That was a really AWESOME game! I cannot recall ANY battle - both WFB or 40K - that would be so tense and undecided till the last turn in 10 years! Using the 1999 pts limit makes games sooooo much better.
Many thanks to my opponent - Moudy, who played extremely well and took advantage of all my big and small mistakes and proved that Dark elves are deadly and effective if lead by a good general. The 1999 pts limit allows the elite armies to flourish and field units that in smaller games are viewed as overpriced. A great example are Executors, who I simply had no chance to break and were blocking the whole flank.
I am very far away from being satisfied with how I lead Asrai. I simply made too many wrong decisions that could end very badly. From my point view my major errors where:
-trusting that 2 units of glade guards and glade riders will be able to annihilate 1 unit of dark riders.
This left me without a stand&shoot charge reaction. Then I continued to do stupid things and decided to flee rather than hold the charge... This decision cost me 50% of fast units in the army...
-charging the crossbowmen rather than the sorcerer with the Lifetaker. I was greedy - I wanted to overrun into the army general, but all in all, I was lucky that the crossbowmen held and I broke them in the dark elves’ turn
-and the biggest one - I forgot about proximity and left the BSB in a vulnerable position, which ended quite terribly for this noble elf. The punishment could have been much worse, had the brave treeman failed its break test. AND IT WAS CLOSE!!! But he held. This one roll decided who would end up as the winner.
Moudy risked quite a lot with army composition but the triumvirate of sorcerers earned its keep. His refused flank tactic also worked - my left flank wasn't able to redeploy till the last moments of the game - mostly due to great harassment by the dark riders. As a result, I had to gamble - moving my alter noble with 6 dryads as a cover seemed like a suicide mission. But I made 6 3+ ward save in a row and managed to put pressure on the sorcerers, which "unlocked" the center for me.
I also had a luck with the cold one knights. If they hadn’t failed their stupidity test then the situation would have been much worse for the Asrai.... Charging them and pursuing meant that I had 1 free movement phase and this allowed me to reach the treeman and corsairs at the most crucial moment of the battle.
As far as my army goes, it lacked speed. One unit of fast cavalry is definitely not enough. I have a feeling that my force can be quite easily outmaneuvered and I don't have any means to react fast to new threats. I don't have this problem when there are fewer troops on the battlefield and have more space to maneuver but the 1999 pts limit adds a completely new level of complexity to the game to .
So I think this is the best moment to think about adding a unit of wild riders to my army...
To sum up - I can't wait for our next battle!

Wood Elf of the game:
This is difficult choice to make but I think that units of dryads that helped the treeman tipped the balance of the battle in my favor. Besides - they killed the cold one riders, grabbed their banner and killed two bolt throwers. Not bad for a unit worth 96 points!