Warhammer Fantasy Battle 6ed game: Tomb Kings vs Chaos Dwarves 1500pts game

Report: Jakub Polkowski; Story: Jarosław Westermark, Jakub Polkowski
Art: Katarzyna Borek-Polkowska



Astragoth the Ironhand opened his eyes. It was pain that woke him, once again. The pain which constantly worsened, which was becoming almost unbearable. And yet bare it he did, for centuries of constant struggle against the curse of stone had hardened his will.

"Tougher than stone I must be", he thought to himself.

He spat on the tent floor, but the taste of ash would not leave his mouth. It was just one of the many reminders of the Great Betrayal and the price he and his kin were still paying for it.

The sorcerer-priest waited for his mind to regain focus. He was aware it took him longer and longer after each awakening. Someday soon the numbness and the chill of stone will consume him and he will become just another statue adorning the streets of the city of Zharr-Naggrund.

"But not today. And not tomorrow."

The Ironhand channelled his willpower to start up the engine of a mechanical construct in which his body was enclosed. The pistons came alive, then stabilised their rhythm. Astragoth left to inspect his underlings’ work.

His ears were filled with the constant clamour of a thousands of pickaxes hitting the rock, the cracking of slavers’ whips, and the screams of greenskins. The plateau was punctured with hundreds of mine shafts and furnaces spilling smoke into the air.

He had much to do today.

Zharzth, his personal guard approached.

"High Prophet, they are near."

Astragoth grinned.

"I am sure they are. When they arrive?"

"In two hours."

"Good. Gather our forces. We will show them our strength."


Drazhoath the Ashen spit out a curse. This was not a "simple encampment", as those damned hobgoblin scouts reported. This was a small citadel with solid stone walls. What’s more, it was surrounded by mine shafts so numerous, that he didn’t even bother counting them.

"Such a disgrace! Whoever it was responsible will pay for it dearly."

His force walked toward the citadel unopposed by working orc slaves (not that he expected them to try anything). His guts were boiling with anger. To make matters even worse, the gates protecting the tunnel to the citadel interior were left open and unguarded.

He felt the unease building up in his bodyguard - an otherwise stoic Chaos Dwarf warrior.

"Follow me inside!" he roared and entered the tunnel.

When he emerged on the other side he found himself encircled by the blunderbuss-wielding Dawi-Zharr. He grit his teeth.

"Lead me to the commander of this stink hole. At once, or you will all feel the might of the Tower of Gorgoth!".

Not one of the citadel defenders moved or said anything. Drazhoath trembled with hate. Suddenly the silence was broken by laughter. He raised his head only to see his worst enemy.

"Astragoth!", he exclaimed. "What is the meaning of this? What are you doing in my domain?"

The Ironhand ignored the question and walked towards the intruder accompanied by the clanging noises of his support apparatus. He towered over Drazhoath. He looked into the lesser sorcerer’s eyes, and - faster than anyone could notice - punched him into jaw with his iron fist.

The force of the punch threw Drazhoath to the ground. He got up as his warrior raised his weapon and shield in anticipation.

"Did I give you permission to speak, Outcast? Who do you think you are to address me in such a manner? I am the high priest of Hashut and the ruler of Zharr-Naggrund! And who are you? A mere fool in charge of a backwater post!"

Astragoth paused for few seconds.

"But I will show generosity this day. I will not kill you for your lack of respect. Not yet at least. You ask me what I am doing here. I shall tell you. The crystal of Bazherak woke up. Do you know what happened the last time it occurred?"

"Of course, I know. The Nehekharans invaded this land. But that was centuries ago, when…"

"We must not let it happen again. Gather your forces. We march for the Land of Eternity. The Land of the Dead. There, from beneath the sands, we will rip the fires that flame the Nehekharans’ unnatural existence and use them in our furnaces. Think of the treasures we shall forge with such power."

Drazhoath thought. Weighed his hatred against his greed. There could only be one outcome. If Astragoth, wretched creature that he was, chose him for this expedition, he could not deny himself a chance to reap its benefits.

The older sorcerer saw Drazhoath’s expression and gave an ugly smile.

"You’ve always dreamed of seeing me dead. Who knows. If you are blessed by the Father of Darkness, you may soon get your wish."


I read the signs, listen to the wind, see the sun with eyes as dry as the desert. I walk the roads I’ve always walked, although they’ve long been covered by sand. I glimpse the future in entrails of dead birds. They have been dead for millennia, the prophecy is therefore always the same. War.

But now there’s more. The Ifrit, fire-spirits of the desert, beseech me. I hear their voices. They are in need. At last the whispers grow so loud, they can no longer be ignored. I listen and hear the unthinkable. The desert itself is being robbed.

Creatures came from the north. Creatures of soot, stone and hard metals. My memories of their kind are few. I’ve lost much of what I was, who I was. The centuries weigh heavy upon my brittle shoulders. But I have not forgotten my purpose. Will not forget it. I must wake my Lord.

I enter his tomb, careful to observe all required rituals. Every step is calculated, every movement precise. The whispers of the Ifrit rise to a crescendo as I reach the doors of my Lord’s chamber.

"Arise, Nesheb Tu, the Ruler of the Sands, Great Scarab who Pushes the Sun for all Eternity, Bringer of Death most Swift, King of Abhydos, Enlightened Rider of Doom…"

The list of my Lord’s titles is long. By the time I finish, he is already standing in the doorway, the bones of his feet crackling on sand-covered stone.

"Why do you wake me, priest?", he asks dryly. I see a glimmer in his blazing eyes. I’m almost certain he enjoys the distraction.

"There are intruders on our lands. Northeners from the Land of Smoke. Thieves, who would rob the desert of its heart. The djinn cry out for you to save them, my Lord".

"Save them I shall. Gather my army."

"These northerners will use smoke and magic to fire great boulders of hard metal towards our ranks. But our sacred constructs can make quick work of these… mechanisms. It is best to wait, then darken the very sky with arrows, so that they must retreat…"

"I SHALL RIDE", booms the voice of my Lord, as he casts me down. I touch the stone with the brittle skin of my forehead.


"You shall ride your golden chariot, my Lord. You shall slaughter them all."

And with that I go to awaken his army.



Tomb Kings

Tomb Kings

In the words of Poison Ivy from the smash-hit film Batman and Robin, I’m a lover, not a fighter. That is I love painting miniatures, but rarely get a chance to play a game with them. So when Jakub said he’d like to take command of my Chaos Dwarves in a battle against my freshly completed Khemri force (on a battlefield with terrain pieces I just barely finished in time… the swamp was drying in front of our eyers!), I jumped at the chance. And it was glorious. I’ve chosen to go for a mixed approach - some shooty units to hold the line (Screaming Skull Catapult and archers) and some aggressive ones to attack the dwarves (Heavy Horsemen, chariot-riding Tomb Prince, Carrion). Not to mention two scorpions - I’ve always heard they were the stars of the Tomb King army, so wanted to give them a try. Add to what two liche priests and one small regiment of sword and board skeletons and you’ve got 1500 points. Can’t say I went into this with much of a plan. Much like my reckless tomb prince, I just hoped things would generally go my way.

Chaos Dwarves army

Chaos Dwarves army

Hello again!
I am sooo excited! Jarek agreed to borrow me his Chaos Dwarves army and I will be playing against his brand new army of Tomb Kings! It means two thing:
You won’t see battle report with better-painted miniatures for a LONG time...
Both of us will be playing new armies - so for sure, we will make some errors. Sorry for that! I faced Chaos Dwarves only twice in my gaming history - once with my Bretonnians and once with my Wood Elves. I always regarded them as a fantastic army to collect and fun to play. Even though they had no army book for the 6th edition their rules covered in Ravening Hordes were quite nice. Of course - the biggest disadvantage is that they have very limited options for magical items but with 1500 points limit it is not the big problem.
My army composition was a little limited to the miniatures that Jarek posses but I think that it is still the solid army.
First of all - from hero section, I opted for 3 Hashut priests - all of them are 2 level with different combinations of magic items. With 8 power dices, I am quite confident that they will do some damage and will allow me to dominate the magic phase.
For each of them, there is a big dwarf unit - 1 unit of blunderbuss and 2 units of warriors with hand weapons and shields. Astragoth’s unit has a War banner. They won’t win any combat, but their role is to generate as much static combat resolution as possible. 3 units of hobgoblins are there only for slow down the enemy and possibly block table quarters. I don’t think that they would do much more.
From special and rare section I wanted to have ALL THE MACHINES. So 2 bolt throwers, 2 death rockets and on top of it - the Earthshaker.

My battle plan is very simple - cast spells and shot at everything and sacrifice hobgoblins to slow the enemy down and when everything else fails to throw chaos dwarves themselves to combat. Fluff strategy - after all - only Chaos Dwarves life matters.
What I am most afraid of is that the scorpions would wreak chaos in my battle line. And that I would fail panic tests due to the screaming skull catapult… And fear-outnumber…

Pre battle

Mission: Pitched battle


Astragoth Ironhand: Lore of fire - Fire ball, Conflagration of doom
Tuskar the Betrayer: Lore of fire - Fire ball, Fiery blast
Drazhoath the Ashen: Lore of fire - Fire ball, Conflagration of doom


Tomb kings won the roll-offs for side selection and the first turn.


deployment-1 deployment-2 deployment-4 deployment-5 deployment-6 deployment-7 deployment-8 deployment-9 deployment-10 deployment-11 deployment-12 deployment-13 deployment-14 deployment-15 deployment-16 deployment-17 deployment-18 deployment-19


Tomb Kings turn 1

The Tomb Kings turn started with Carrions spreading their wings and flying across the battlefield toward the Chaos Dwarf lines. They landed in a position which enabled them to charge almost any warmachine in next turn. Just behind them, the Tomb Prince rode forward in his chariot. He was followed by the archers who took position on a hill.

On the other flank the cavalry moved forward accompanied by the mounted liche priest.

The Hierophant left the warriors unit and joined the screaming skull catapult.

The Prince was the first to invoke an incantation on himself and his chariot moved forward again.
The mounted Liche priest wanted to make the screaming catapult fire but his try was countered by Astragoth. The Hierophant wanted to move the cavalry, but this attempt was denied by the Tuskar, who used his dispel scroll.

Skulls flew through the air. The shot scattered a little bit and only one warrior from general’s army unit was killed. But this was enough to cause a panic test, which the Chaos Dwarves passed. With the archers out of range, the turn ended.

Chaos Dwarves turn 1

Turn started with animosity tests for the hobgoblins and all were passed. All greenskins units moved closer to the Tomb kings units to block charges. The Dwarves realigned to have better line of sight.

Magic started with Drazhoath trying to cast Fireball into the carrions on two dice - he failed! Then he used his power stone and cast Fiery Blast on the same target. This time it was a success - with 10 hits and 8 wounds inflicted the unit was destroyed. Drazhoath was named the Ashen not by coincidence after all.

Look at them, falling from the sky like ablazed pieces of papyrus… All is dust they say, and I will make it happen!

-Drazhoath the Ashen to his soldiers

Both Astragoth and Tuskar tried to cast Conflagration of Doom on a mounted Liche Priest but their were unable to break through the magic barriers of the Nekeharans.

Thunder could be heard but there were no clouds in the sky. It was a barrage of shells and rockets launched at the cavalry. The warmachine crews were not used to their enemy moving so slow however and their guesses were far too short. At least the unit was caught in the slowning effect of the Earthshaker. The Bolt Thrower hidden in the forest shot at the Skeleton Horsemen and managed to destroy two riders. The second Bolt Thrower shot at the Price himself. The bolt hit the chariot but it was saved by its 5+ ward.

Tomb Kings turn 2

One of the Scorpions emerged from the sand - just in front of Warriors and a Death rocket and charged both units.

The Death rocket crew failed their fear test and ran away.

The Prince charged the Hobgoblins in the center. The unit which decided to hold.
The Aches moved forward.

The Cavalry, the mounted Liche priest and the Skeleton Warriors continued their walk.

Winds of magic sand embraced the cavalry but the attempt to regain lost troopers was blocked by the Chaos Dwarf sorcerers. Nesheb Tu channeled his magic energies and one hobgoblin was bitten to death by a skeletal steed from the Chariot. The mounted Liche priest resurrected one of the cavalry and Hierophant tried to make the catapult shoot, but was denied by the sorcerers.

In the shooting phase the screaming skulls of long dead Dawi-Zharr flew into the air but the wind blowing over the battlefield scattered them away from the target. The archers shot at hobgoblins and their arrorws pierced through two creatures.

In close combat , the scorpion managed to kill Tuskar the Betrayer and that meant that magic dominance of the Chaos Dwarves was at an end. The construct was left with one wound left due to combat resolution.

The Prince slew Hobgoblins mercilessly. 6 of them were killed and the rest fled. The Nekeharan noble tried to pursue them, but the running goblin’s hearts were filled with terror and they were faster. Seeing what happened to their kin, the second unit of hoblins broke and run away.

Chaos Dwarves turn 2

There were no charges.
The Death Rocket crew fled from the battlefield... The 10-strong Hobgoblin unit continued to flee.

The unit which ran away from the Prince rallied!

Drazhoath’s unit moved closer to the Prince, while Astragoth’s Blunderbusses backed away from the cavalry. The third unit of hobgoblins moved aside to be out of charge range of the cavalry.

In the magic phase, Drazhoath again was able to cast Fiery blast and he destroyed the Prince’s chariot.

There was a loud boom and a few second later 6 Skeleton Horsemen were torn to pieces - this time the Earthshaker crew found their mark. The Death Rocket mechanism failed to ignite and it didn’t shot at all… The Bolt Thrower hidden in the forest shot at the cavalry and killed 3 more!
The second one aimed at the Price, but failed to hit.

In close combat, the Scorpion killed one warrior, but then crubled due to combat resolution.

Tomb Kings turn 3

The Tomb Prince charged the Earthshaker and its crew decided to flee.

The Archers moved closer to the fleeing hobgoblins. Meanwhile the slowed down cavalry and mounted Liche Priest moved closer to the center of the battlefield.

In the magic phase, the mounted Liche Priest reanimated one of the horsemen and then - thanks to the Hieratic Jar - brought back 3 more. Every other casting attempt was stopped by the Chaos Dwarves.

The catapult was once more ineffective - the shot went wide and didn’t kill even a single Dwarf. Skeleton Archers let loose their bows and 5 greenskinz were killed.
In close combat Nesheb Tu destroyed the Earthshaker.

Chaos Dwarves turn 3

There were no charges.
The running Earthshaker crew failed their morale test and fled from the battlefield (very brave those dwarves are...) but the Hobgoblins rallied!

Drazhoath’s Warriors realigned to see the Prince. Astragoth’s Blunderbusses did the same.

Once more Drazhoath channelled his fury at the Prince.

Drazhoath was exhausted. His hands were shaking. Still, he was channelling winds of magic through his outstretched and blackened arms. When torrents of raging flame engulfed the golden armour-wearing Undead, Drazhoath could swear that he heard laughter. When the flames died, he could see sand, which has been turned to liquid glass, next to small puddles of half-molten gold..

Astragoth tried to cast Confraglation of Doom against the Hierophant, but it was dispelled.
Both Bolt Throwers missed their targets.

Tomb Kings turn 4

A second Scorpion emerged from the sands.

The Cavalry decided to charge the Bolt Thrower hidden in the forest. Its crew fled.

In the center the Skeleton Warrior were slowly marching to the enemy lines.

Magic bound in the Cavalry banner awoke and one horseman was brought back to fight once more. The mounted Liche Priest cast the Incantation of Urgency, which was used to realign the unit to be able to charge the Dwarves next turn, despite Astragoth’s desperate attempts to block it.

The Hierophant managed to cast the Incantation of Righteous Smiting on the catapult and this time it hit home, killing 4 of the Dwarf Warriors, who still managed to hold their nerves and didn’t panic.

In the shooting phase, the Catapult’s shot went wide.
With no close combats to resolve, the turn ended.

Chaos Dwarves turn 4

The Bolt Thrower crew continue to flee.
There were no charges and the only movement was to realign the Warriors and the Blunderbusses, so that everything that could be thrown against the scorpion.
Drazhoath cast Fiery Blast at the undead construct, but managed to cause 3 unsaved wounds only. The latter attempts to damage it in the magic phase were stopped by the liche priests.
It was all or nothing - the Blunderbusses shot at the beast, hit it, but failed to wound.

Tomb Kings turn 5

In complete silence they charged.

Here they ride, those who see without eyes and hate without hearts. They raise their weapons, just as they did in life, draw strength from the memory of times long passed, grip their shields tightly, prepare for combat. Their steeds gallop, bones grinding, dry dust engulfs them, sand beneath their hooves. For a second the regiment seems reborn, filled once more with the splendour of life. A mirage, nothing more. Scorching heat above the dunes.

Both the Cavalry and the Scorpion attacked the Blunderbuss unit with the Astragoth inside. The Dwarves tried to shoot the scorpion but failed.

Skeleton Archers moved away to grab the table quarter.

The Warriors continued their relentless march toward the Dwarf line.

The Liche Priest moved closer to the Cavalry unit. The Hierophant flew towards the oasis.

The Incantation of Summoning bound in the Cavalry banner was dispelled, as well as the Incantation of Righteous Smiting cast at the Screaming Skull Catapult.

The skulls flew once again in the shooting phase, and the Warrior unit was hit once more. This time 3 of them were killed but once more - they passed their panic test.

In close combat the Scorpion killed 3 dwarves and the cavalry added one more casualty. It was enough to auto break the Blunderbusses due to the fear-outnumber rule. Both units chased the dwarves, caught them, and moved off the battlefield.

Astragoth stood motionless among his soldiers, while they were butchered. He stood like a stone statue, with an absent look on his face, not even breathing. His guard was running away. Then in one moment he was himself again. What had happened? He saw undead butchering his kin. It does not matter. He already had, what he came here for. He turned his back and started running.

Chaos Dwarves turn 5

Ouch…. losing both the army general and the Blunderbuss unit was a blow.
The Hobgoblins tried to charge the mounted Liche Priest, but failed their fear test.
In the movement phase, the Warriors with XXX moved closer to the "entry point", where the Cavalry and the Scorpion were bound to reappear. It also put them out of line of sight of the Catapult. The second unit of Warriors closed the gap.
With only one sorcerer left, both attempts to cast spells were denied.
The last war machine - the Bolt Thrower aimed at mounted Liche Priest and… It was a hit! Followed by a to-wound roll of 1… :(

Tomb Kings turn 6

This was a very short turn.
The Scorpion positioned itself to prevent a rear charge against the Horsemen and the Horsemen moved to receive a charge to the front. The Skeleton Archers and Warriors moved to block table quarters. The Mounted Liche Priest moved closer to try and cast an Incantation of Urgency, but this attempt was denied by Drazhoath.
The Archers were out of range and Catapult fire could easily scatter to the Tomb Kings’ own units, so it was silent for this turn.

Chaos Dwarves turn 6

It was the last turn of the game.
A charge against the scorpion was an obvious one. Charging the Cavalry was on the other hand very risky, and in the end Drazhoath decided to leave his unit. The Hobgoblins aligned themself wisely, so that the only target for the sorcerer’s spell would be the mounted Liche Priest. The second unit of hobgoblins moved forward to grab a table quarter.

Drazhoath cast Fiery blast and wrapped the Nekeharan in a flamestorm, which reduced him to mere ash. In close combat the Scorpion managed to kill one dwarf, but fell apart due to combat resolution.

With that the game was over!


I walk the battlefield. Carrion birds feast upon the bodies of our foes. I stop and look at these strange beings who came to tame the desert. They look different than I remember. Changed somehow. Better armoured. Better equipped. How much time has passed since they came here last? Or maybe it was I who treat their native soil? How much time until they come here with new tools, new power…?

No point in dwelling on this. The world turns around us, under the gaze of the Kings, but their strength is eternal. It will never fail. I find my Lord’s broken, smouldering form on top of a dune close to the enemy camp. I speak the words of power, perform the ritual of Life.

He is whole once more.

"Tell me, what has happened, priest", he demands.

"You rode ahead of the army, got caught in their lines. The sorcerers burned you with their spells. I conducted the battle in your stead. This victory belongs to me alone."

I do not say these blasphemous things of course. Instead I speak the words I have always spoken. Words as eternal as the desert.

"You rode your golden chariot, my Lord. Slaughtered the foes and spilled their blood. They are no more and you are victorious. Yours is the strength of the ages."


The retreating column was barely visible in the sandstorm. Warriors soldiered on with the grim determination of their race, but they were beaten. Exhausted. Most of all - they were few.

"I should have never trusted you, Astragoth", grumbled Drazhoath the Ashen.

"And yet you did", answered the armoured sorcerer, his gritty metal frame screetching and groaning with strain. "Cursed sand!"

"Messes with the engine, doesn’t it?", asked Drazhoath hopefully. Maybe he would see his nemesis fall after all.

"It does. But I have what I came for. Something that will keep this machine going forever. Or at least - for the foreseeable future."

Astragoth held out his hand and opened his fingers. Drazhoath’s eyes widened.

There, on the aged sorcerer’s palm, danced a tiny bit of flame.

And it whispered long forgotten secrets.


Tomb Kings 1063 (12) : 746 (8) Chaos Dwarves

Post game

Tomb Kings

Phew, things generally went my way! Playing Jakub was a joy as always, he was a demanding opponent, but allowed me to change and correct some very... questionable moves here and there. Also he was kind enough to wrongly estimate a whole round of shooting with his warmachines. If it wasn’t for that, it would’ve been a veeery different game.
After losing my carrion so quickly, I was feeling pretty blue, but the Scorpions really pulled through. They truly are as good as the internet forums claim (forums from a time before time, which I enter as I would a real egyptian tomb). I’ve since painted up a third construct… just in case.

Losing the Prince’s chariot, while painful, proved a blessing in disguise. If he was still riding it, he would have been stuck and couldn’t dispose of the Earthshaker, which really hampered my plans. That thing is brutal!
My only regret is that those damn Dwarves refused to panic even when I hurled the skulls of their ancestors towards them (maybe they were the skulls of regular Dwarves… gotta fix that for next time). Just one unlucky test would mean the end of a whole regiment, since they stayed so close to their own table edge all game. But you can’t always get what you want, and I really can’t complain after all that’s happened.

I’ve made many mistakes and felt like I wasn’t exactly sure what I was doing most of the time (as evidenced by the weird, erratic movement of my flying Hierophant), but one thing really sticks out in my mind: I should have kept my Horsemen behind the Oasis for one more turn, so that the enemy’s cannons couldn’t fire pot shots at them for two full turns. I really didn’t do my horsemen any favours… and yet they pulled through! Go Tomb Kings! I love these guys!

Tomb King unit of the game:
Well… the Scorpions might have paved the way to victory, but it was my glorious Heavy Cavalry that rode it. I love this unit so much! I’ve been painting models for over two decades now, but the sight of this 16-strong, bone-colored regiment fills my heart with joy I’ve very rarely felt. These are some sick gosh darn models! I love ‘em! And seeing them ride through the Chaos Dwarves’ cannonade, fall, pull themselves back together, change heading thanks to magic, charge and break the enemy general’s unit… it was glorious. It made me start thinking of a proper name for the regiment. And I have never done THAT before.

Chaos Dwarves

That was a close one! I was playing such defensive and slow army for the first time and I must say that I had a great time. The Hashut followers for sure can be deadly if led in a proper way (so obviously not by me), as their firepower and magic are awesome. I am keen to play with them in the future.
The game was a mix of bad and good luck. The result wasn’t decided until the end. There were so many single dice rolls that could do so much difference - for example, I was lucky to burn carrions on turn 1 but on the other hand, I was unable to wound liche priest on 2+ with the bolt that hit him on 5+...
The tipping point happened later on turn 5 - the second Scorpion that made a single 6+ armour save against Fiery blast and was left on the last wound made the biggest difference in the game. A few seconds later he survived 2 S5 shots from Blunderbusses and joined the combat with the cavalry in which he killed 3 Dwarves. That won the combat and fear & outnumber did the rest. This monster earned 500 points with this single charge!
What is more, I made plenty of stupid mistakes - first of all, I hadn’t protected my sorcerers good enough and this resulted in my magic potential being reduced on turn 2… I should have used a center unit of Hobgoblins to block the Scorpions. Also, I shouldn’t keep the Death Rocket in one line with Warriors - this allowed the first scorpion to do multicharge.
My range guessing on turn 1 was a disaster… But hey! It has been my first shooting with warmachines in 12 years! In addition, I should also try to fry the mounted Priest instead of destroying the Prince’s chariot… So many things to re-think… But I will learn.
As far as my army composition is considered - I am quite happy with it. The biggest disappointment was the Blunderbuss unit. Before the battle, I thought that they will be my number one unit but instead, they turned to be almost useless. I would definitely prefer to have one more unit of warriors with shields and maybe one more unit of hobgoblins.

The game itself was a real pleasure - as always against Jarek. He is an extremely demanding opponent and his every army is a masterpiece. I am very thankful that I was allowed to play with his miniatures and that he prepared such wonderful battlefield. I can’t wait to play next battle in the Old World!

Chaos Dwarves unit of the game:
It was an easy pick. Drazhoath the Ashen was a monster- having 2 fireballs made him a real killer. Even without support from the other sorcerers he was deadly and proved that he will be the ruler of all Dawi-Zharrs after Astragoth turns to stone. His death toll was carrions, the Prince and his chariot, a Liche Priest and almost a whole Scorpion(that damned 6!!!).