Warhammer Fantasy Battle 6ed game: Empire vs Goblins 1000pts

Report: Jakub Polkowski, Sebastian Suski; Story: Jakub Polkowski
Art: Katarzyna Borek-Polkowska



"Damn it!", swore Dionisio Granchelli when a frozen lump of hair from his mustache, which he was trying to roll, fell off and stayed in his hand.

"Doggone it!!" The Tilean wrapped himself tightly in a woven cloak and headed back into the camp. The day was coming to an end. The snow, which was getting harder as the temperature dropped overnight, was scraping under his shoes. To make things even worse, a northern wind was bringing even more chill.

"What kind of cursed land this is?!", he mumbled trying to pull the cap on as tightly as possible.

Dionisio paused for a moment near the area of the camp, which was occupied by knights from the order. Squires and servants circled around richly ornamented tents made of thick material and all kinds of animals skins, trying to provide their vassals with all possible comforts even in such an extremely hostile environment.

A lot of cokers were placed around the huge tent built for the Panthers' steeds. They were filled with boards and all flammable materials the army was able to forage, mostly bits of local peasants houses.

The crossbowman grimaced when he recalled the cries of women and children expelled out of their homes into the gasps of harsh winter. All in the name of the comfort and warmth of knightly mounts. Dionisio wondered if, by accident, their expedition would not condemn these people to a far worse fate than the greenskin invasion. Well... this is the kind of life you can expect in the Empire under the reign of the Emperor.

Dionisio was disgusted. He turned away on his heel and started in the direction from which he could hear lute music. Old Giuseppe had to take out his "most faithful mistress" as he used to call this carved instrument. After a while, several voices joined in song.

"That's good for the boys' morale", he thought, as he approached the campfire surrounded by his countrymen.

Dionisio kicked the young Enrico in the butt. The youngblood jumped to his feet with fists ready to attack but realized in time who he raised his hands at. Despite a bitter frost, his face turned white with horror.

"Sir Sergeant... I'm sorry! Please rest! I will bring you wine!". He turned and scuttled away.

The assembled crossbowmen roared with laughter. Dionisio also laughed. He sat down in the vacant spot in the circle.

"Gentlemen. I won’t beat around the bush. Our brightly enlightened Maximilian wants a battle. Ideally with the greenskins. The problem is that he does not quite know where these mythical hordes are. So at sunrise, we will pack up and march north."

The moans of discontent and cursing were certainly heard in Tilea itself. Fortunately, none of the allies understood their native language. Dionisio waited a moment, then stood up and roared out as loud as he could in perfect Reikspel.

"Shut up, You whoresons! An order is an order! And the order of our beloved captain Maximilian von Suskov is the law! We are proud sons of Tilea and we serve to the glory of the Emperor!"

"At least we are faithful to his ducats!" he added after a few seconds in Tileanian. His mercenaries laughed.

"And now go rest, my friends. Tomorrow we will show to those pompous knights what it means to be a real warrior!"

Then he got up and went to his tent. The mercenary had trouble falling asleep despite his fatigue. When he finally managed to, he dreamed about all the battles he had been involved in over the last 20 years. And the sea of blood that he spilled. Suddenly, trumpets cried the alarm in the camp.

"What the hell...?". Dionisio did not finish his sentence.

"Goblins are near camp!!!"

"To arms!!!"

"Greenskins are attacking!"

In the blink of an eye, a crossbow was Dionisio’s hand.





Empire army

The theme of my army is "the defenders of Altdorf, the capital of the Empire". When choosing the units for this battle, I hesitated between two approaches. The first option, more traditional: the army core was a unit of halberdier and the rest were firing units and war machines. The second option concentrates on elite units, such as heavy cavalry, Greatswords or Flagellants. The second option won. It suits the army's fluff more. After all, \Altdorf, as the capital city,should be obligated to field the best units, shouldn’t it?

In addition, I was attracted to the fact that the 6th edition rules allow me to use a Reiksguard on foot as Greatswords. It was the tipping point. I rarely use Reiksguard on foot in my usual games in 4th/5th edition - the rules of this unit are simply very poorly written. It was not until the 6th edition that Reiksquard gained a new life and their usage makes sense.

So my army looks like this. Knights Panther and Reiksguard form the core of the army. A strong hitting unit. Plus a bunchof crossbowmen, a cannon, and a Helblaster Volleygun as fire support. The plan was simple. Wait for the greenskins and shoot at them at the same time. Around turn 3, when the opponent is really close - attack.

Maximilian von Suskov
The second son of Zygmunt von Suskov, the head of a powerful family in the capital, whose lands spread from Altdorf to the banks of the Poor River. Maximilian, without any chance for succession, joined the ranks of the Imperial Guard in his youth, where he has successfully served the 15th year. After successful campaigns against the Beasts in the Forest of Reik an expedition to the Sea of Claws against plunders from the distant Norska, he was promoted to the rank of Captain. A young spirit, with a heart full of ideals and unwavering faith in Sigmar and the Emperor. Ready to serve at any time of the day or night.

Adolphus Gray
Adlophus Gray, philosopher, and sorcerer. A bit of a weirdo and recluse. He feels best in the company of his chickens and goat Helga. In his hut deep in the Reikland province, where no one dares disturb him, he conducts experiments to improve the art of teleportation. Adolphus is known for being the first in Reikland (and maybe even in the entire Empire!) to make an incredible art of moving a living object 300 cubits with the accuracy of one foot. Helga survived the experiment and is doing well.

Reiksguard regiment
It is a rare sight. Imperial guards without their horses. However, the Imperial Guard has its own hierarchy. Every young Guard, before he is deemed worthy of a horse and full equipment, must 'march' a certain distance. Reiksguard's First Regiment of foot knights under the command of Ursus Shmidt, fanatical and steadfast. Despite their young age, they managed to prove their bravery in the turmoil of more than one war.

Knights Panther
The Knights Panther garrison in Altdorf is not large. However, a dozen or so of those knights can do more carnage on the battlefield than many of the veterans of regular army units that are stationed in the capital. The leopard skins, the trophies from one of their expeditions to distant Arabia, are a pride and reminder of the rich history of the order.

Explosive Emporium of Master Jan
Jan from Altdorf is not the creator of the legendary Helblast. However, it was he who made the revolutionary improvement of the Helblatser's revolving mechanism, thanks to which the number of bullets launched per minute increased twice. Master Jan was rewarded for this achievement with the Order of the Empire, which he received from the hands of Emperor Karl Franz himself. Since then his upgraded barrels are the regular equipment of the Reikland Army.

Cannon - War Thunder
The "War Thunder" Cannon has been standing on the walls of Altdorf for over 100 years. Once, it was the latest product of the technical thought of dwarven engineers. Now ... it's hard to say anything bad about it... it’s a cannon like any other. A cannonball is loaded, aimed, and fired! As they say, the old tried-and-tested methods are the most effective. So why bother? / I suspect Master Jan would not agree with this approach.

Tilea Crossbowman
They represent the Altdorf district called Little Tilea. Altdorf Tilea is no different from Tilea proper, which lays in the south of the Old World. The taverns are full of people, the wine is pouring and the music, laughter, and dance fill the whole life of the Tileanians. Laughter accompanies them every day in peacetime. During war, the Tileans draw their crossbows. Legendary crossbows. For the right amount, the Tileans will serve anyone. And for just one or two crowns extra, they might even shout: "For the glory of the Emperor!"'"


Goblins army

Before I start to describe my army for this battle report I would like to tell you a short story.

Around 2005 I decided that after playing with Bretonnia for over 6 years I need a change. I wanted to try a totally different army style. As a result, I decided to create a small (approx. 1500-1700pts) force based on big blocks of night goblins with shamans, fanatics and all those crazy war machines. I fielded this army on a few local tournaments and to my amazement, it was very successful!

I really enjoyed playing with it, but at some point, I urgently needed cash and was forced to sell it. I missed those small buggers ever since. Last year I was helping my friend to prepare a greenskins rooster for a tournament that took place in Zduńska Wola and while doing it I decided that I want goblins back!

So it happened. I have started this project last year, with an idea that it will consist mainly of a night goblins and squigs. Having that in mind I have created a "base-roster” for 1500pts and I have bought tons of second-hand goblins from the Skull Pass. Then I have started painting. It took me some time but I have managed to paint 50 night goblins spearman, 6 fanatics, 10 spider riders, squig lobba and a full set of heroes. With it, I was almost ready to field some playable 1000pts force. I have borrowed 2 spear chukkas from Jarek and... here it is! My army for this battle report. It's not balanced. It's not the best one I could field in that point limit. But it is here! All painted! And I could play with it and hopefully had a lot of great green time.

As far as strategy goes... With greenskins - if you are unable to predict where your units will be next turn, then your enemy won’t know either! . One failed animosity test, one failed panic test, and everything can fall apart. You can't rely on anything, really. You can only have hope and fun. And this is my plan for this battle. I will be fighting against a masterfully painted Empire army of Sebastian and just simply try to make the best of my goblins.

Pre battle

Mission: Pitched battle


Adolphus Gray: Lore of shadows - Pelt of Midnight, Shades of Death
Kusk Da Squigkeepa, Gherk Rednoze and Giglorr Toyrsta: all got the same set from Little Waaagh - Gaze of Mork, Brain Bursta


Goblins won the roll-off for side selection, Empire won who is going to deploy first and goblins won the roll for the first turn.


deployment-1 deployment-2 deployment-4 deployment-5 deployment-6 deployment-7 deployment-8 deployment-9 deployment-10 deployment-11 deployment-12 deployment-13 deployment-14


Goblins turn 1

The first roll of the game was an animosity test on the Night Goblins unit standing in front of the Helblaster. You probably guessed - it was a fail and a goblins were going to spend a turn fighting against each other… Other units passed their tests.

Spider Riders moved closer to the forest in the center - just to be out of line of sight of the Helblaster. Close to them ran Kusk Da Squigkeepa, and the flank was closed by the unit of Night Goblins with Gherk Rednoze.

The Rednoze concentrated and channeled magic energies through his fragile body and an irresistible beam of green energy burst from his hands. It hit the War Thunder - 6 hits in total of which hit 3 the crew and all of them were turned into a dust. First blood to the greenskinz. The shaman then cast the Gaze of Mork at the Crossbowmen unit on the hill and kill 3 of the Tileans.

Da Squigkeepa also tried to add some casualties to the unit on the hill but even though he broke through the Adolphus magic shield he was out of range and the beam died before reaching its target.
Dionisio’s boys held their nerves and didn’t panic.

"Forward, boys! We’ll show 'em what it feels to fight against the best of Empire! For the Emperor! For Sigmar!" Ursus Shmidt ran with his Reiksguard's First. They saw their enemy - a horde of hooded, filthy goblins. Then he heard a burp as loud as thunder, followed by a shriek. He looked up and saw some kind of creature in mid-air. The poor thing was tossed by the wind far away from their position and hit the rock solid frozen ground with a wet splash.

Ursus laughed.

"Look, lads! Those bastards wouldn’t be able to hit the ocean standing on a beach! Have faith and we will crush them!".

The knights laughed with him.

The guess for the Squig Lobba was actually very good, but a misfire was rolled.

The Spear Chukka on the left flank hit the cavalry unit and pierced through 2 knights. The second machine also tried to damage the Knight Panthers but failed to hit.

Empire turn 1

No charges were declared. The Knights moved cautiously toward Spider Riders and the Night Goblins. Reiksguard marched to get to the second unit of Night Goblins and the "war machines". Between those two units, the Grey wizard was marching.

Adolphus tried to cast both of his spells but the magic dominance of the goblin shamans was overwhelming and he was unable to do anything.

The Helblaster was out of range so it was Crossbowman turn to show their skill. They lowered their famous weapons and shot a single Spider Rider.

Goblins turn 2

All animosity tests were passed and no charges were declared.

The Spider Riders marched as much forward as they could. This brought them out of the line of sight of the Knights Panthers and very close to the Crossbowmen.

Night Goblins on the right flank backed 2 inches and the Da Squigkeepa was just next to them. The unit on the left flank remained still.

The Rednoze attempt to cast Brain Bursta against the Knights Panther, but was denied by Adolphus. Next, Da Squigkeepa used the magic bound in Nibbla's Itty Ring against Maximilian himself, but failed to wound. It was Giglorr Toyrsta turn to show his magic skills. He cast Brain Bursta and generated 3 hits. Which killed one foot knight. The same result was achieved by Rednoze, who cast Gaze of Mork and killed one of the Crossbowmen.

Ursus rub his eyes. He was all covered in blood and guts of his subordinates. One of this living projectiles dropped just in the middle of their unit. All he could hear right now were the screams of the dying and wounded. Johan von Bögenberg, so proud and noble just a few minutes ago, was now laying in the snow, crying and clutching at his legs - both torn away from his body. Young Klaus von Böhrn was still standing even though he was missing half of his head. Many more of his boys were simply changed into a meat pulp.

"How could this happen?" Ursus asked himself. He felt that the morale of his unit reached the tipping point. Than his resolve returned to him stronger than ever. His iron will and faith was his shield. He roared with anger.

"No time to mourn! WE WILL HAVE OUR REVENGE! SIGMAAAAAR!!!" he grabbed his sword and ran. He will kill them all or die trying. His knights followed.

This time the Squig Lobba aim was true - the projectile drifted only 2 inches which was actually a better result then if it was a simple hit. 5 of the Reiksguard's First were hit automatically and 4 out of 5 on 4+. All 9 of them ended as casualties. Even though such damage was inflicted - the Knights kept on fighting!

The Spear Chukka on the left side of the battlefield shot at exposed Knight Panthers flank and hit! The bolt pierced through 3 mounted knights but again - they passed their morale check. The second machine failed to hit.

Empire turn 2

Maximilian von Suskov left the Knights and moved on their flank closing to the Night Goblins.

Adolphus hid in the forest and the Reiksguard continue their march.

"Move lads! Push it! Just a few more yards! On three! One, two, THREE!!! PUUSSH!!! There you go. Now, steady!".

In spite of the freezing temperature, the crew of the Explosive Emporium was sweating hard. They have pushed the beast over a barricade and now they managed to reach the top of a small hill. Master Jan, like all the engineers was a little crazy, and they all knew about it. But leaving prepared emplacement to get with a war machine closer to the enemy seemed like a suicide plan.

"Easy boys! STOP!!! This is a perfect spot. They don’t want to come to us? Fine! We will teach them what it means to mess with Explosive Emporium! Arm the barrels!"

What was the biggest surprise, was that Master Jan ordered to move the Helblaster forward.

Adolphus was trying real hard to break the magic barriers of the greenskinz, but when he finally succeeded and cast the Pelt of Midnight, one of the shamans used their dispel scrolls and the spell died before it had any effect.

The Crossbowmen shot at the Spider Riders one more time and - as previously - one goblin fell dead. This was enough to cause a panic test, which the goblins miraculously passed.

Goblins turn 3

The Night Goblins on the left flank failed their animosity test and would spend one turn fighting against each other. The second unit also failed the test... But their result was 6, which meant that the Fanatics were released. The one which was directed at the Empire General rolled 7 inches which was insufficient. The second one, with 10 inches rolled for the distance, easily reached the Knights. Due to the Mad Cup Mushrooms, he caused 7 wounds, which was enough to butcher all of the knights.

Next was the charge of the Spider Riders against the Crossbowmen, who could only hold the charge.

The Rednoze chose captain Maximilian as the target of Brain Bursta. The proud Knight was defended by the extreme skill of the Adolphus, who deflected the spell. The shaman redoubled his efforts and cast Gaze of Mork and generated 6 hits of which 1 break through full plate armor of the noble human. Da Squigkeepa tried to finish him off. First, he used an Nibbla's Itty Ring, but again failed to wound. Next, he casted Brain Bursta but the result was a miscast(2), which changed him into a mindless beast.

Da Squig Lobba fired at the foot knights, but this time the squig-projectile scattered 10 inches off the intended target.

The Spear Chukka on the right flank decided to shoot at Maximilian von Suskov. It hit! The giant spear went through the ornate full plate armour like a hot knife through the butter, killing the Empire army general outright.

The war machine on the other flank missed this time.

In close combat, the Spider Riders managed to kill two of the Crossbowmen and lost one from their side, which resulted in a draw.

Empire turn 3

The Foot Knights decided to march, even though it triggered a release of the Fanatics. One of them reached the Knights and smashed 4 of them into a meat pulp. Once more - their faith in Sigmar was strong, so they held. The second fanatic rolled 5 inches in total.

The grey wizard jumped into the safety of the forest.

Adolphus seized the opportunity and cast Pelt of Midnight, which was dispelled and then Shades of Death on the Knights - and it was a success.

In the shooting phase, the Helblaster fired upon the Fanatic that was now just behind the Knights. Thanks to the keen eye of the Master Jan the goblin was torn into pieces and not even one bullet hit the Knights.

The close combat was brutal. Spider Riders managed to kill one of the Tileans but they dropped their crossbows and used their daggers with a deadly precision, killing both remaining goblins.

Goblins turn 4

Both animosity tests were passed.

The Fanatic, standing between Knights and the Night goblins, closed his eyes and continued to swing his chains and let the momentum guide him. It happened that his path lead through the Reiksguard, on whom he inflicted 6 hits and 5 wounds… leaving only one knight alive: the standard bearer, who, of course, passed his panic test.

One of the fanatics moved into the forest and perished, pulverised by the trunk of a tree he felled with his ball . Still, mind-blasted Da Squigkeepa moved forward for some reason. The nearby unit of Night Goblins had to follow to provide him proximity.

The Night Goblins on the other side of the battlefield moved forward to prevent the last remaining Knight from charging the Squig Lobba next turn.

Once more - the Magic phase started with Rednoze trying to cast Gaze of Mork against the Crossbowmen on 2 dice. The roll was 1,2 and the shaman used his Buzgob's Knobbly Staff to reroll the failed attempt. The new result was a miscast! Rednoze’s head simply exploded covering standing nearby goblins in his brain tissue and blood...

With Da Squigkeepa still behaving like a squig, only Giglorr Toyrsta was able to cast spells in the goblin army. He ate one of his mushrooms and cast Gaze of Mork against the Helblaster. Adolphus didn’t let him. Furious, Toyrsta used all remaining dice and cast Brain Bursta again - causing a massive 2 hits. One of which was a wound. On the Helblaster...

The shooting phase was ineffective. Squig Lobba distance guess against the Helblaster was very accurate, but again - strong winds tossed the squig away from its intended target.

Both spear chukkas missed their target.

Empire turn 4

There were no charges. The single Reiksguard header to the Squig Lobba - he wanted to avenge his fellow knights. Apart from that, everyone remained still.

Adolphus tried to cast Pelt of midnight, but Toyrsta stopped him.

Master Jan was far from young. He and his gun crew were veterans of countless campaigns, but he had a gut feeling that this one could be his last one. He thought about his old lady - Ester, who died in labor many years ago. Since then he never returned to Aldorf for longer than only a few days. He still couldn’t come to terms with the loss.

"At least we will meet again", he thought to himself.

"Master Jan! Maybe we should flee the battle?" Cried Helmut - the newest addition to his crew. Jan simply punched him in the face. Helmut fell on his back. His lips were bleeding and he spat pieces of broken teeth.

"You coward! Where is your honor? Do you want to leave our brothers in arms? I despise you!" Jan turned to his beloved Helblaster and started preparing the machine for another volley. "Flee to where? We do not have any horses and the goblins undoubtedly have some mounted scouts", he thought to himself.

"Gentlemen, those are the goblins. Their race is well known for its cowardice. We make one of their units run, and the rest will follow. This is our chance. We can still win this battle! You see that unit? We must make them run. This is our best chance to survive. Now! Load up the experimental gunpowder!".

"But Sir, we haven’t tested it yet!" shouted Marcus - his second in command.

"I know that. But this is our best and only chance. Load up and fire!"

His crew jumped to the machine and started refilling the barrels with new gunpowder. It took them only a few moments.

"Are we ready?" asked Jan. "Good! FIRE!!!!".

When the smoke cleared, Jan stopped smiling. The goblins were still there.

He took his Sigmar necklace and kissed it.

"Sigmar protects. I will meet my wife and a child today after all".

Master Jan carefully tuned his war machine before the first barrel open fire. Then the second one. And the third. Even on such extreme distance, his engineering proved deadly. It caused 12 hits and 7 dead goblins, which was more than enough to cause a panic test. Which the goblins passed.

The remaining 3 Tileans shot 2 Night Goblins from the closing unit.

Goblins turn 5

Both animosity tests were passed. Da Squigkeepa failed his test again and continued to travel in a random direction. Another Fanatic flew into the forest to meet Gork and Mork.

Night Goblins on both flanks moved forward.

Toyrsta cast Brain Bursta against the Helblaster and managed to cause 12 hits which killed 2 of the crew and inflicted 1 more wound on Helblaster. Then thanks to the Ditto's Double Doin Doo-Dahs he cast the same spell again, causing 8 more hits, which killed the crew and exploded the mighty war machine.

Da Squig Lobba didn’t shoot this turn. The Spear Chukka on the left side aimed at the last living Reiksguard, and managed to hit him. A great bolt hit him in the abdomen and cleaved his body in half.

Empire turn 5

Seeing that all hope was lost, the Tilean Crossbowmen let loose their last voley, which killed a single goblin from the Night Goblins unit, and decided to flee the battlefield and try to fight back another day.


Dionisio Granchelli tripped over and dove into a snowdrift. He had no more strength or willpower to get up. He just wanted to lay there and rest. He knew it meant death, but couldn’t care less at the moment.

"Get up, Sir! There are just behind us!" Enrico grabbed his collar and put him on his feet.

The moon was full and it was freezing cold. The guttural greenskin screams could be heard from all sides.

"Thank you... lad..." he couldn’t catch a breath. "Enrico... leave me here and run. You are young, you will make it...".

The young Tilean nervously shook his head.

"Sir, I would never abandon you. If…" he suddenly stopped when he saw dozens of red, glowing eyes at the tree line.

"Sergeant, there are here!", he cried.

Dionisio looked around. They were surrounded and heavily outnumbered. To his own surprise, he was totally calm at the moment.

"It was a real honor to be your commander, Enrico. Now, do what I had taught you".

Enrico only bowed his head.

"On three. One, two, THREE!!!". With one fluid motion, they grabbed the crossbows hanging on their backs, dropped to one knee, aimed and fired. Shrieks of dying goblins were the proof, that both bolts hit the target.

The old Tilean smiled and stood up. He dropped his faithful crossbow into the snow and pulled out two long, sleek daggers.

"Now lad, it’s time to show me if you also mastered the art of the knife fight".

"Yes, Sir!" Enrico mimicked his moves and took a defensive stance.

"Good boy. Now, die well".

"Thank you, Sir".

The greenskinz broke the treeline and charged at them. The goblins screamed and cursed them in their primitive language. Both Tileans stood in silence, ready to sell their lives as dearly as they could.

The horde was about to reach them, when suddenly a grey bolt of energy hit the first rank of the goblins. The creatures melted and died screaming in agony. Their kin stopped and run away in terror from the sudden attack. The Tileans didn’t understand what had happened. From the shadows of the forest emerged Adolphus the Gray.

"Why are you staring like that and wasting time? Run, you Fools!!!".


Empire 200 (1) : 1170 (19) Goblins

Post game


In one word - a catastrophe! I was deprived of the cannon on turn one. And it only got worse after that. Of course, I could blame my bad luck and the incredible good luck of my opponent, but that's no excuse. The truth is that Jakub refuted me with his defensive tactics. I am used to a usual greenskins mass attack. And these contortions withdrew, lurched and began to fire at me with everything at their disposal: magic, arrows and giant squig excretions.

I had to change my strategy and move forward. And those crafty goblins were just waiting for it. Even more magical missiles and everything else flew at me, slowly decimating my units. From the second turn, my ranks melted, and I lost any hope for a good result.

Well, it happens. Kuba fielded a very thoughtful army. It could be a very different game if I managed to force a direct fight on him. But his tactical wisdom prevailed. Congratulations! I will try to take revenge during our next clash.

Unit of the game:
The best summary of the scope of my defeat should be that my best unit was the Tilean Crossbowmen. As the only ones who did survive the battle, except for the wizard who, in truth, did nothing worth noticing in the battle. In addition, they repulsed the charge of the spider riders and shot a few Night Goblins. Well done to them and the best Tilean wine!


That battle shows why goblins cannot be treated seriously. 1st roll of the game with a brand new army and guess what I have rolled? 1! Failed animosity. First shot from Squig Lobba and what I have rolled? A misfire! Turn 3 began with both units failing animosity. And the shaman that could reroll dice to cast a spell used it to generate a miscast that actually killed him! The funniest part of it all is that I generated more victory points for the Empire then they did!

On the other hand, my battle plan worked quite well. When goblins were not fighting against each other they proved to be a very effective army (sort of…). My dominance in the magic phase was absolute. Also shooting proved to be quite a strong element of the army. Those two elements forced the humans to come at me. This allowed the Fanatics to do the job and prevented any significant close combat to take place at all. I am glad how my army worked. Sure - I failed quite a lot of animosity tests and had some miscasts, but on the other hand, I managed to pass a panic test when the Helblaster shot at Night Goblins.

To sum up: WAAAAAGH!!!

Goblin of the game:
It was a very difficult choice because quite a lot of units did their job well. After a long, long time I have decided that the fanatics were my MVP’s. They managed to kill the Knight Panthers and the second pair simply erracidated the Reiksguard.
On the photo, You can see all my fanatics - but only 4 of them were used in the battle.