Urbanmatz folding table review

Review: Jakub Polkowski

6 x 4 Folding table from UrbanMatz

I was looking for a new game table for quite a time. The most important things for me were:

  • how easy it would be to set it up - my current setup was very bad at this point - it took me over 25 minutes and then I was not able to change the position of the table. Not efficient when You have to set up also photo lamps and camera on a tripod;
  • how much space of storage it requires - again - current table consisted of 4 trestles, 2 holders and two pieces of 48x36 inches of the table itself. So it was far from being optimal;
  • how easy would be it to transport - right now it was extremely hard and I needed a table that I could travel with from time to time - not only by car;
  • a surface that will be flat as possible - seems to be obvious but there are tables on the market that fail on this one;
  • price - I didn't want to spend a fortune on it;
Having defined all of it I started a research and after long analysis, I have bought a folding table from UrbanMatz.com .
Why? Let me explain.
First of all, I am able to set it up in 4 minutes alone. When doing it with one person more the time needed drops to 2 minutes. That is a huge improvement. What is more - once prepared it can be moved quite easily(if it is done by two people - doing it alone is not so easy).
Below You can see step by step how to assemble the table.


The table has 6 legs which means it is quite stable and all of them are stored inside the table itself. Smart. They are mounted just like tent legs.

Due to the fact that the table "consists" of 4 parts it is lower that two-part tables. It is also much easier to carry. It is light and the handles are very comfortable. I had no issue carrying it in public transport or packing it into a car.

Locks on the side allow it to be stored upright or on the side. The table takes 3 times less space than the old one.

The last point is how flat it is. I was really afraid that there will be high bumps where the aluminium parts are located but their profile is quite low. The surface is not completely flat but the bumps are invisible on the photos and do not disturb the game in any way.

There are only two weaknesses in table construction in my opinion - when assembling alone it is difficult to flip the table from side to "normal" position.
The second one is that it would be great if the hinges had some kind of lock that would prevent it from unplanned closing.

I also bought 2 mats - desert and badlands. Their review will be rather short - there are awesome. End of the review :) You will see them in upcoming battle reports.

To sum up - I am very happy with those purchases and I am sure that they will make our battle reports even better!